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Autoboss V30 SPX Auto Diagnostic Scanner with Multi-language and free update by email

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Autoboss V30 SPX Auto Diagnostic Scanner with Multi-language and free update by email

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Autoboss V30 SPX 1. 2011 Original Auto Boss v30; 2. Multi-scan tool; 3. Multi-language; 4. guarantee free for oneyear; 5. free update by email.


AUTOBOSS V30 Elite  Autoboss V30 SPX



Autoboss V30 SPX Function:
1. OEM level coverage for European,Asian,American and Chiness cars
2. Covers more than 50 vehicle makes
3. Access to powertrain,chassis and body systems
4. Quick Test function to test most vehicle systems
5. Fault codes(DTC`S),Data Stream and Service Reset
6. Actuations, Adaptations, and Control Module Coding
7. Supports Multi-language
8. Frequent Internet based software updates
9. CAN Bus with high/low speed
10. One OBD II connector for all CAN Bus systems
11. High resolution VGA color TFT display
12. Windows CE Operating System
13. Demo Mode for many OEM`S
14. Data graphing
15. Self-check function

First Choice for European & Asian Coverage
1. Supports Multi-languages
2. One year for free update for the software by email
3. Single universal connector for most vehicles,including all CAN vehicles
4. Allows scan tool operation on PC(PC-Link)
5. Large VGA color touch screen

Unequalled Diagnostic Power
1. Coverage for more than 50 makes
2. Access to powertrain, chassis, body systems
3. Actuations, adaptations, control module coding
4. Quick test functions to diagnose entire vehicle
5. Fault codes, data stream, service reset

Autoboss V30 SPX Specification:
FLASH Card: SD Card, 1GB RAM: 64M
Power Supply: 8-12V (DC) 110-250V 50Hz (AC)
Operation System: Window CE
Storage: -30 ~ +90°C
Humidity: <90%
Working Temp.: -10 ~ +80°C
Dimension (mm): L630XW200XH420
Gross Weight: 13 kg

Autoboss V30 SPX Overview:
1. Live data graphic display
2. Full component activation
3. Read & change ECU coding
4. Setting of adaptation values
5. CANBUS function supported
6. Internet update function
7. HYUNDAI immobilizer
8. Testing report saving function
9. VOLKSWAGON immobilizer III
10. Coding of the new control modules
11. NISSAN idle speed self learning function
12. Multi-language for international market demand
13. Hand-held independent operation, supporting PC link

Autoboss V30 SPX Detailed Product Description:
Cover over 50 makes, more than 1,000 vehicle systems
Asian, European, USA and Chinese makes and models
Drivetrain, Chassis and Body electronics
Read both generic and manufacturer-specific diagnostic trouble codes
Live data, actual values with waveform display
Full component activation, bi-directional control and functional tests
Read & change selected ECU version and variant coding
Service Reminder Reset and Mixture adaptation
Support both high and low-speed CANBUS systems
Frequent Internet software updates
Hyundai, Toyota and Volkswagen immobilizer functions
Testing report saving function
Support Mercedes-Benz SBC and Audi/VW EPB deactivation
Nissan/ Infiniti idle air volume relearn function
Multi-language, unit conversion and user-friendly Windows CE Platform
Hand-held independent operation, supporting PC link
Optional printer module available (3100PRO)
AUTOBOSS V30 Vehicle Coverage
AUTOBOSS V30 currently supports vehicle on-board diagnostics on the following makes. Coverage may vary depending on models and systems.

Autoboss V30 SPX Functions include:
Read/Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)
Retrieve Real-time Data stream
Perform Component Actuation and/or Functional Tests
Perform ECU Coding/Programming
Perform Service Functions
Perform "Quick Test" on all or common vehicle systems

For specific vehicle coverage, please select the vehicle make:
General Motors
Land Rover

Autoboss V30 SPX Picture:

Autoboss V30 SPX Autoboss V30 SPX Autoboss V30 SPX Autoboss V30 SPX Autoboss V30 SPX Autoboss V30 SPX Autoboss V30 SPX Autoboss V30 SPX Autoboss V30 SPX Autoboss V30 SPX

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item new or used
We only provide genuine and brand new Diagnostic Scanner.
Focalobd answered on August 26, 2017
it can work on deseil car or havy duty cars?
It supports most of diesel cars. Let me know your car models to help you.
Focalobd answered on June 12, 2017

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