Automotive air conditioning after a very long time without use, open feel the smell blowing. Especially those moldy smell, so the driver feel uncomfortable. Some of driver go to 4S shop for cleaning the entire air conditioning system, duct. In fact, there are three kinds of effective methods of air conditioning in addition to smell, it is worth a try. Some methods require Auto Diagnostic Tool, you may wish to look at their own personal experience.

car air conditioning odor

1. Replace the evaporator equipment, and manual cleaning air conditioning heating device at the bottom of the shell;

2. Clean the evaporator, to the air conditioning and heating device sprayed disinfectant on the bottom of the shell, eliminate the inside mold;

3. The first two approaches is slightly complicated, the third method is simpler, you can open the air-conditioning heat windshield maximum temperature, continuous opening 15 minutes, it will effectively remove the musty, mildew and odors.

car air conditioning odor

Can go to the market to buy supplies automotive air conditioning cleaning agent or sterilization deodorant spray. Then, open the windows, start the engine, then closed the air conditioner AC block, open to the outer loop block, then the fan to maximum. In this case, find the external air inlet port of the vehicle, which is injected into the cleaning agents, cleaning agents on the wind, attached to the surface of the evaporator and evaporator will absorb dust and mold, then let the fan run another 15 minutes. Next, the cleaning agent will be discharged from the drain outside the vehicle, the whole operation takes about half an hour, then use Launch X431 Diagun III or Launch X431 PAD tool for detection.