After a long winter, there are different degrees of aging with the auto parts, and a wide range of bacteria will also be more alive with the increasing of the temperature and the humidity. If not timely clean up the air inside the car, there is more likely to be infected with the respiratory tract disease. And after the Spring Festival, lots of people have the plan to go for travelling, if not check and maintain your car, it will be at the risk of danger. However, it can be avoided to a certain extent if you can get the help with a kind of the auto diagnostic tool, which is sure to help you diagnose your car in advance and make sure what problems it has so that you can take appropriate protective measures.

5 Elements for Car Maintenance in Spring

1. Change the Oil
As we know, engine is the heart of a car, and oil is the blood of the heart, so changing the oil frequently is very important for car maintenance. It is the best choice to use the oil which can be used commonly both in winter and summer. While for some places that winter is much colder and summer is much hotter, it will be much better to use different oils according to the sean.

2. Clean the Air inside the car
The source of bacteria and mite bug inside the car is mainly from dust and the residue of food. There are two methods for cleaning: steam sterilization and light catalyst. Steam sterilization is align the air nozzle of the steam engine to ceiling, chairs, velvet, air-conditioning tuyere, instrument desk, trunk, and make the use of the steam with up to 130℃ high temperature to kill the harmful bacteria inside your car, and get rid of the bad taste in the air.

3. Two filters and timely remove dust
If too dirty with the parts of the car, it will make a bad effect for the filter. And too mainly impurity will insert into the oil cylinder, and will increase the wear of the parts, as well as increase the possibility of the failure. If serious congestion, it will also lead to vehicle can't work normally.

During the use, when air quality is generally good, you can change air filter regularly according to the maintenance cycle. While under poor air quality, you need to pay attention to the cleaning of the air filter. As for the air-conditioning filter, in the processing of using, you also should clean or replace it regularly, or even turned on lower temperature, you will still not feel cold, and some vehicles even can have peculiar smell inside the car.

4. Check the car chassis
Because spring is always both hot and cold, and all the parts of the auto parts often heat bilges and cold shrink, as a result, the screw will be eased. So, you should pay a special attention to check the chassis, especially before travelling, it is necessary to check the chassis more thoroughly. Well, if you are not sure of how to checking the chassis or wonder about he other parts of the car, we suggest you to use a Autel MaxiDAS DS708 or Launch X431 GDS Auto Diagnostic Tool for help.

5. Check the tires and braking system
Because it is cold in winter, the tire rubber will be harder and have a big wear. So before the travel in Spring, you must check the damaging situation of it. You should also adjust the adhesion on the ground of the four tires and make it consistent, to avoid slippery because of rain and sideslip. Moreover, you should also check the brake fluid, brake line and each brake wheel cylinder if there is any leakage, making sure whether it is safe and effective with the automobile brake system.