A trend for electronic products is the easier and easier operation, which can fulfill the setting that you want to complete only by a few buttons or just clicking the screen. However, the simple operation does not mean you can treat it cursorily, either for the daily use or the OBD diagnostic and maintenance you should also pay more attention, and then the life of the navigation will greatly prolonged.

5 Ways of Using Techniques for Car Navigation

1. Obey such a shutdown order after the using: First turn off the page and then shut it down, last pull down the plug. For some car owners, they tend to pull the plug directly for convenience and never shut the navigation down, which is sure to be more convenient, but after a long time using, we believe it will do a great harm to the electronic components.

2. The first three times for using the machine, you’d better have it charged about 10 hours, so making the batteries' storage capacity shown at a maximum.

5 Ways of Using Techniques for Car Navigation

3. First start your car, and then insert the cigarette lighter power supply. After the navigation, pull out the cigarette lighter and insert it again after starting your car next time, which is sure to protect the machine battery and prolong the battery life.

4. Don’t let the navigation screen of your car contact with the sharp objects.

5. Don’t exposure your portable navigation for a long time under the sun. Too large a temperature difference will not only influence the battery life of your auto navigation, but also affect the sensitivity of your LCD screen, so you’d better pick it up after the using and not put it at the conspicuous position.

5 Ways of Using Techniques for Car Navigation

Though we have introduced some tips for the correct using of the automobile navigation, as for new car owners, they tend to ignore the details and often bothered with all kind of car problems. Well, we sincerely suggest those who own a new car and not knowing better with the car common senses can go to an Auto online shop, either the Launch Diagnostic Tool or the Autel Diagnostic Tool is a better choice for diagnosing most kinds of cars, and then you can have a better knowledge of your car and protect it well.