Car tire, the most important part of the whole car, is usually ignored by most of car owners. If you are not sure whether your auto tires can still work well, we sincerely suggest you to use a kind of automobile diagnostic tool for a full checking of the tires for the sake of your safety. Or you can also check it with some small skills. Now let’s introduce several matters that should be cared when checking your mobile all by yourself.

Hole Pricked

6 Inspection Methods for Car Tire

Have your car tires been pricked? And how long it has been? In fact, for the car that has just completely repaired with the tire, even there is no problems for a temporary using, its tolerance under the limited load will be worse than former. Moreover, if there are more than three holes in the same tire, you’d better change a new tire as soon as possible.


6 Inspection Methods for Car Tire

When you car drive across the scallops, barrier and the edge of the road, part of the tire will come into severe deformation under huge impact force, and the inner pressure will be enlarged instantly, as a result, it will cause the bulge of the tire. The tire that has been bulged must been changed immediately, otherwise you will be at the risk of a flat tire.

Decorative pattern

6 Inspection Methods for Car Tire

In general, the normally used family car should be changed after 60000 kilometers driving or every two years, while badly worn tires with the decorative pattern should be early replaced as soon as possible. And whether the repair stores or the Auto Diagnostic Tool Online Store, there are pattern worn scales or other diagnostic tools, such as the Launch X431 V+ Pro3 and the Launch X431 Diagun III, you can buy one for detecting the wear station of the pattern of your car tires at any time. In addition, the increasing of the tread crack is also the sign of the serious aging of the tires. For car owners, they can pray some tire protection wax appropriately at ordinary times, and try not to pressure the corrosive liquid while driving.

Air pressure

6 Inspection Methods for Car Tire

For the front driving, because the engine, transmission and other important parts are pressured in the front, the front tire will look like a little flat sometimes. However, it is sure to be not accurate just by our eye measurement. You’d better specific air tire meter or a tool, for example, the Autel MaxiSys MS908 or the Autel MaxiScan JP701 to make a full checking for your car to test whether it is normal with the pressure of your car tires.


6 Inspection Methods for Car Tire

You may sometimes hear the sound when driving, but no problem to drive, then you should to check whether there are stones in the pattern of the tire. In fact, it can be easily solved with a key to dig up the stones.

Spare tire

6 Inspection Methods for Car Tire

If you want the spare tire will take the function, you should also pare enough attention for the maintenance. First, you should check the air pressure of the spare tire frequently; Secondly, attend to prevent oil corrosion for it is the rubber product, when it is added with oil, it is easier to become expansion, which will greatly reduce the using life of the tire. Last but not the least, the life of the spare tire is about four years, and many car owners think that if it is not used, it is still new. In fact, after four years, and even the spare tire has not been used just for one time, you also need to change a new spare time, or it will be out of use.

Well, if you are still have no faith to make sure whether the tire of your car is in good state, you can ask for a online car diagnostic tool store for help.