The first step to check the circuit
Because many irrigations rain will performance cars might have an impact on some parts, lead to serious car not normally open. After the water is likely to cause a short circuit, if you cannot turn off the road in the ignition to start the engine again, or they may easily cause engine scrapped. If wading, then promptly after the adoption of the circuit device processing, you can use non-fibrous tissue and textiles will dry the circuit 11, re-start.

6 steps maintaining your car

Also, check the brake system is also very important.
Because of the braking system has a very strong adhesive force, the rain is very easy to enter the brake fluid, it will affect the braking effect, may cause serious brake failure, recommendations rain to a professional auto repair shop to be checked, to prevent future trouble.

The second step is the conservation of the chassis
Summer temperatures are high, coupled with the rain hit, chassis vulnerable, gas, dust, noise, moisture will penetrate the body from tiny holes in the chassis, so that the body rust, flaking. So you want to do some maintenance work on the chassis after heavy rain.

6 steps maintaining your car

In addition to the simple and clean, "sealed plastic chassis" is also a good choice. It enables the chassis and isolated, to corrosion, rust, soundproof function and prolong the life of the body. "Sealed plastic chassis" to use special detergent before removing the chassis attached to the asphalt, oil, and dry, any dirt will affect the firm's degree of plastic closures. Before sealing plastic, but also part of the heat transmission, exhaust system are blocked, so as not to affect the normal operation of these sealed plastic components.

Step third Check headlight
Easily lead headlights rain water. After the headlight brightness will be affected water, water may damage many headlamps, the lights also make changes happen irradiation direction to traffic safety and security. Therefore, the water is very important to check the headlights.

If you find a mist in the headlights, and the high beam headlamps can be opened also opened ten minutes to see if the lights inside the mist began to disappear, whether we can completely disappear after one hour, if you do not have to worry about the disappearance of the but if there is fog, it is necessary to professional service station handled.

The fourth step in the car dehumidification
In fact, dehumidification work should be done when it rains. Should open the cold when it rains, it can not only remove the fog, as well as dehumidification function. The rain stopped even have to pay attention, to get rid of as soon as possible the accumulation of moisture or prone to mildew and other conditions. In addition to air conditioners dehumidify the car, the best dehumidifier to buy a simple box, so that after the car parts are not easy to damp overnight. Another roll of toilet paper placed inside the vehicle also has the effect of dehumidification.

6 steps maintaining your car

In addition to welding and rain doors welded body part susceptible to rust corrosion, internal door hinges, lock and other iron parts are covered by the door trim, but also easy to damp, so the weather was fine when the owners can find a shady place, all the doors and trunk lid fully open, so that the car's exhaust moisture, ventilation, and then the car floor mats, seat covers removed, rinse dry.

The fifth step the inside vehicle sterilization
Summer temperatures due to factors such as rain relatively easy to breed a variety of bacteria so the interior space for disinfection sterilization is particularly important. Clean place emphasis should be seats, air conditioning vent, in the control panel and around a corner. You can use a professional car interior cleaner, wipe with a dry cloth.

6 steps maintaining your car

Clean the center console when the cleaner to prevent infiltration of CD, speakers, radios and other electrical equipment corrosion of electrical components.

The Six step clean appearance
Car as it were, after the rain do not bother to wash oh, otherwise it will seriously affect the personal image. In fact, the problem is not only a personal image, rainy day outside in addition to sewage and sludge, acid rain also contains a substance on the body and the paint has a serious injury, if not promptly treated, over time, the body will lose their luster in turn affect the appearance.

6 steps maintaining your car

Want to prevent acid rain damage to the body, the most simple and effective method is waxing, and want to achieve a very lasting effect that will have to be sealed to protect the glaze, both to prevent paint fade aging, and thus protect the paint from injury.

Some OBD diagnostic tools will help you test out your vehicle on your own, for example: Launch X431 IV, Launch X-431 PAD, Autel MaxiSys MS908 and so on.