As to car maintenance, each season has its own protection method. So how should we maintain our car in spring? And how much knowledge do you know about the car maintenance for spring? If you are not clear about it, we sincerely suggest you to go for a special Car Diagnostic Tool Online Shop and to buy a professional tool to do a frequent checking for your car.

Car Maintenance in Spring

First, clean the cooling system
First is the circulatory system, including two parts of oil and water. There is sure to be lots of dust on the car radiator and the condenser of the car air-condition. Some even can cause auto parts damaged early. So should remember to clean the cooling system of your car. And never only clean the appearance of dust of the water tank, and don't flush it directly. The correct method is to loosen the screw that fixed cistern, instead, you should clean both the inside and the outside of the tank with the high pressure air, and then rinse with water.

Second, keep the oil flowing
As to the maintenance of the oil in spring, you’d better choose a professional service station to check the restrictor and the fuel spray nozzle and other parts of your car. If all these parts are not smooth enough, it will increase the fuel consumption of your car.

Third, do a physical examination for the air conditioners
Because the temperature is not stable, it is more necessary to do a full checking for the air conditioning refrigeration. After stopping use for nearly half a year, the air conditioning refrigeration may be leaked. As a result, you should remind the workers to check the spare amount of the refrigerant when cleaning the condenser and water tank. Or you can get it all by yourself with Launch X-431 PAD Universal Auto Diagnostic Scanner or the Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P Diagnostic Analysis System.

Fourth, change with the summer oil
Though most of the cars have adopted the general oil which can be used for all the season, in some northern cold areas, vehicles still have the difference of the winter oil and the summer oil. Here we will remind most of the car owners of changing with the summer oil.
Fifth, supply with the cooling liquid in time
Next you should check the cooling liquid storage tanks of your car cooling system. In general, the evaporation consumption of the cooling liquid in cold season will be very low. While when entering into Spring, it will increase the consumption of coolant because of the high temperature. So you should check the liquid level frequently and pay attention to add the coolant in time.

Sixth, replace the wiper blade
With the coming of the spring season, there will be more rain. As a result, it should be not ignored to check the windscreen wiper for your loved car. If you need to use the windscreen wiper to clean the front window of your car, you should scrub it with the glass cleaning fluid, which will reduce the early damage of the wiper bar. If still unable to fully scraped with the glass cleaning fluid or can not compact the rubber strip with the wiper strut, and aging, hardening, crack and many other situation appeared with the rubber blade, it’s time to change a new pair of wiper blade.

Seventh, full disinfection for your car
The last but not the least, you should also pay attention to the inner environment of your car. In cold winter, many car owners tend to reduce the times to open their car, as a result, the left Residue and perspiration will be much easier to increase the rise of the mites and all kinds of bacteria because of a comfortable temperature. Besides, there will be also a peculiar smell that caused by the dust, oil contamination and moldy sundry, so it is very necessary to do a full disinfection for your car.

In total, spring car maintenance will be different for different people, cars and places, and there will be different requirements for different cars. Care more to your loved car, so it can do much better serve for you.

More detailed information about the car maintenance please continue to stay tuned for our later news on our Online Auto Diagnostic Tool Store.