Now more and more people have cars, but very few people understand the car, many owners fear the car suddenly go wrong, but do not know how to use OBD Diagnostic Tool to detect car. Then the car suddenly go wrong before What are the signs? Summed up the car before the failure of eight abnormal symptom.

8 signs indicated that the car will fail

1, the working conditions mutation
The working condition of car suddenly appear abnormal phenomenon, it is easier to detect fault symptom. For example: engine stalling and start is difficult, can't even start; Engine on the road suddenly drops, driving weakness; The road suddenly brake failure or wandering, or even failure, etc.

2, abnormal sound
Cars appeared abnormal sound in the process of moving, a car failure "alarm", the driver should immediately stop using the Launch X431 PAD or Launch X431 Cresetter tool to check. Especially the chassis, engine, suspension system abnormal sound coming from the most important.

3, exhaust abnormal color
When the engine work, exhaust smoke should be obvious. If you exhaust the other colors appear, it may be the engine abnormal, such as incomplete combustion exhaust was black, oil water blending in tail gas of a white, burning oil exhaust was blue.

8 signs indicated that the car will fail

4, oil spills
Leakage refers to the phenomenon of oil leakage in the fuel, oil, brake fluid, etc.. It is also obvious symptoms of failure, careful observation can be found. The car was removed after a period of time, there will be a piece of oil on the ground.

5, overheating
Usually it occurs in the engine, transmission, differential and brakes assembly. For example, engine overheating, mostly for the cooling system has a problem, is the lack of coolant or the pump does not work; transmission overheating, mostly due to lack of lubricants; brake overheating, brake shoes, mostly caused not return. The above phenomenon sometimes dashboard warning lights reflected directly, when the driver needs to drive observe.

8 signs indicated that the car will fail

6, inexplicably increased fuel consumption
Fuel and oil consumption is too high, indicating that the engine fails, we need to check service as soon as possible.

7, strange odor
Cars In operation, if the brake dragging clutch slip fault, will emit a friction plate of burnt; engine overheating, lubricating oil blow-by combustion, it will emit a special smell; a short circuit, grounding there will be a coke burnt smell the wire burned.

8, the appearance of abnormal posture
Cars parked on a flat site, use Autel MaxiScan JP701 or XTOOL VAG401 tool check appearance condition, if any horizontal or vertical skew phenomenon, namely abnormal appearance. Cause is that the frame, body, suspension, tires or other failures, which would cause instability when traveling direction, wandering, weight transfer fault.