Most of the car owners are maintenance according to their car driving mileage, for some owners, if not achieve the required mileage and also maintenance, but also need to use the OBD diagnostic tools for vehicle maintenance, especially the temperature low special attention to.

replace oil

Some people may ask, why did not achieve mileage also need to do maintenance. This is one of the main secret lies in the oil. Maybe the maintenance on the car we usually do not notice, regardless of what kind of brand of oil drums on top will have some numbers. For example 5W / 40,0W / 30,10W / 30 and so on. In fact, these labels and seasonal changes have a direct relationship.

W represents a numeral of Winter (Winter) Abbreviation, digital W before the smaller, the smaller the low-temperature viscosity, the better the low temperature fluidity, the lower most suitable temperature. And behind the figures in general are: 20,30,40,50, the larger the number the greater the viscosity.

5W oil winter low temperature can reach minus 30 degrees Celsius, the degree of resistance to low temperature oil 0W label can reach minus 40 degrees Celsius, these two labels to meet the basic situation in most parts of hypothermia. But some of China's northeastern extreme cold areas, hypothermia usually can reach minus 30 degrees or lower. If the last oil change labels for 5W or 10W oil then we would re-replacement, or cause severe wear in winter oil illiquid car's engine will shorten life. If you do not know when to change the oil, you can use the Launch Diagnostic Tool OR Autel Diagnostic Tool, to help you diagnose any problems with the car.