Engine in the working process to inhale large amounts of air, if the air does not through the filter, the dust suspended in the air is inhaled in the cylinder will accelerate the abrasion of the piston and cylinder. Between the larger particles into the piston and the cylinder, pass Auto Diagnostic Tool inspection showed that the dry and sandy working environment more seriously. Air filter is installed in the front of the carburetor or inlet pipe, have the effect of filter dust and sand in the air, to ensure adequate, clean air enters the cylinder.

Air Filter Performance Feature

Air Filter Feature:
1, Filtration precision: filter out all the larger particles (> 1- 2 um)
2, High filtration efficiency: reducing the number of particles through the filter.
3, To prevent the engine from early wear. To prevent air flow meter damage!
4, Low pressure, ensure that the engine has the best fuel ratio. Reduce the filtration loss.
5, Filtration area, high dust capacity, long service life. Reduce operating expenses.
6, Small installation space, compact structure.
7, Wet quite high, deflated suction phenomenon occurs to prevent the filter, the filter is causing the breakdown.
8, Retardant
9, Reliable sealing performance
10, Good price
11, No metal structure. Environmentally friendly, reusable. Conducive to storage.

Air filter replacement cycle is generally recommended cars each driving 15,000 km replacement. Often working in the harsh environment of the vehicle should be replaced once not more than 10,000 kilometers. you can use Launch Diagnostic Tool or Autel Diagnostic Tool to check the engine's performance, air filter life, the car is 30000 kilometers, commercial car is 80000 kilometers.