The airbag is a vehicle safety technology content high product. Its protective effect has been widely recognized, the first patent related to airbag began in 1958 .1970 years manufacturers have started to develop can reduce crashes degree airbag occupant injury; 1980s, automobile manufacturers began equipped with airbags; into the 1990s, the airbag device usage increased dramatically; and into the new century, the automobile generally are equipped with airbags, Auto diagnostic tool has become the owner of the necessary equipment.


Let's look Cautions airbags:
1. Avoid accidental collision and vibration. The airbag sensors and other components are sensitive to shock and impact, so should avoid the collision and impact, in order to avoid airbag suddenly open.

2. Children should pay more attention when using air bags. At present, many airbags are designed for adults, including the location of the air bag in the car, and height. Balloon when inflated, it may cause harm to the child in the front row. Suggested that The children's arrangement and fixed in the rear middle position.

3. Strict accordance with specifications custody airbag system components. Airbag system has gunpowder, detonators and other explosive materials, must strictly follow the norms of transport, storage, otherwise it will have serious consequences.

The vehicle in normal use period does not occur the airbag fault, every driving one to twenty thousand kilometers after can use Launch diagnostic tool or Autel Diagnostic Tool to check the airbag and its appurtenances, but after ten years it is difficult to guarantee the quality of the airbag, must be thoroughly test, conditional word should be the timely replacement.