Anti-lock braking system ABS can be installed on any car with hydraulic brakes. It is the use of the valve body of a rubber balloon, when put on the brakes, giving the brake oil pressure, flooded to the ABS valve, when the airbag use compartment in the middle of the air pressure to return, so to avoid wheel lock dead center. When the wheel is about to reach a dead lock, brake oil pressure the effects of repeated balloon, under the OBD Diagnostic Tool check, found in a matter of seconds can be 60 ~ 120 times, in does not stop brake, relax. ABS is composed of wheel speed sensor, engine speed sensor, solenoid valve, computer and hydraulic control unit (hydraulic regulator), and its characteristics are as follows four:

Anti-lock braking system ABS function introduction

1, ABS with excellent performance and self diagnostic capabilities, you can rest assured that use. In addition, the use of ABS and the common brake system using almost the same, braking to foot on the brake plate normal braking can be, ABS will own the brake hold at the optimal point.

2, the car brakes, the braking force of the four wheels are different, if the car's front wheels to lock, the driver can not control the direction of travel of the car, prone to risk of a collision, if the first locking the rear wheels, can appear the skidding, tail flick, if installation of ABS, can avoid four wheel is locked, Launch X-431 PAD or Launch X431 GDS tool can detect ABS data, the ABS system improve the stability of the vehicle in the braking process;

Anti-lock braking system ABS function introduction

3, compared with the conventional braking system, under the state of emergency braking, ABS can make the wheel in both rolling and drag, which greatly increases the tire and the ground friction and shorten the braking distance, namely the so-called optimal braking point or region, while the ordinary brake system is unable to do this;

4, It is proved that the wheel fully locked will cause tire cup type wear, make the uneven abrasion on the tire surface, thereby increasing the tire wear and tear.

Thus, ABS anti-lock system, can avoid the braking when the direction is out of control and wheel sideslip, make the wheel when the brakes are not locked, don't let the tire friction with the ground at one point, so as to increase the friction, in the Autel MaxiSys MS908 or Xtool PS2 tool checks found, ABS system makes the brake efficiency of 90% or more, while reducing brake consumption and extend brake drum, disc and double the life of the tire. Vehicles equipped with ABS in dry blacktop, rain, snow, skid resistance reached 80% - 90%, 30%, 10%, 15% - 20%.