A driving of about 68000 km of the audi A6 car. When the vehicle is normally started or driving, EPC light appears on the dashboard. You need to use the OBD Diagnostic Tool Check.

Audi A6 normal start up appear EPC light

Use 5052 check, the engine fault code 05924, start the machine on the short circuit signal suppressor. As a navigation fault diagnosis, no results. Using the Launch X431 PAD or Launch X431 V Pro tool, it was found that when the clutch pedal is pressed lightly, the EPC lamp is extinguished, and thus can be judged, and the EPC lamp is on the clutch pedal switch. Access to ELSA, that this switch is F194 - for the start of the engine clutch pedal switch, the circuit diagram shows the F194 by J623 control, assuming the internal short-circuit F194, then do not have to set foot clutch pedal, you can start the engine. Results can start the engine. As the vehicle traveling in the engine control unit a direct clutch switch signal, the engine control unit will light the EPC lamp. Solution: replace F194.

This fault can be directly analyzed from the fault code, if you are not familiar with, you can use the Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P or AUTOBOSS V30 Elite tool to check, the engine is controlled by the engine control unit, the engine control unit to receive the clutch switch signal to control the starting machine, so logic is easy to find fault.