Audi A8 car airbags as a standard configuration. For this system fault repair, need to master the structure of the system, working principle, and the Auto Diagnostic Tool correct test method. Here combined with the specific failure systematically to introduce.

Audi A8 airbag use guide

1, Audi A8 airbag system structure and function
Audi A8 uses a multi point electronic sensor type airbag system, mainly composed of the following parts: control unit, side impact sensor, airbag, contact unit and safety belt tensioning device, etc.

Control unit, which includes 1 electronic acceleration receivers (i.e., frontal impact sensor), microprocessor, 1 mechanical acceleration receivers (for insurance), diagnostic systems (with memory), 1 accumulator and 1 crash recorder. The main function of the control unit is to receive the signal of the collision sensor, safety belt switch, monitor the status of the implementation of the system, the final issued instructions to the detonation of the airbag, the engine stopped working, connected to the alarm switch and lights up the fault lamp, and has self check, system monitoring and storage of fault information, crash records and other functions.

2, testing methods and precautions during maintenance
Audi A8 sedans airbag system has self-check function; Every time in the car when the system will detect the introspection; Once the system has a fault is detected, the instrument of red AIR BAG light will be bright. If the indicator light does not shine on when the ignition switch is turned on, or when the light is on, the system is in trouble, the system is in trouble. Fault diagnosis of the system can only be diagnosed by V.A.G1551, A. G1552 V., AS5051 V or other Launch X431 PAD or Launch X431 GDS diagnostic apparatus.

Audi A8 airbag use guide

In addition, the system and the Audi car other electronic control systems, by using a dedicated Autel MaxiDas DS708 or Autel Maxidiag Elite MD702 diagnostic instrument that can be queried, troubleshooting part number and system software version of its system, the implementation of the final element, clear DTCs, read data blocks and coding and other functions to the control unit, the system's address code is 15.

No matter what kind of car airbag, it is only as a safety device, and can not put it as an absolute guarantee of adult life. So, in daily driving, we must pay more attention to the safety of driving, be sure to use the safety belt device.