FAW Volkswagen production Audi A6 sedan, airbags as standard. For the repair of the system failure, not only need OBD diagnostic tools, but also need to grasp the system composition, working principle and correct detection method.

Audi automobile safety airbag

Detection method and the matters needing attention in the process of maintenance
Airbag system installed on the Audi A6 sedan with a self-test function; every time the car will perform a self-test of the system; once the system detects a fault, the red light on the instrument AIR BAG will be president of the light. If the light is not on when you turn on the ignition switch, or in motion lights flashing, were indicative of a system failure, then the system needs to speak the line fault detection. Fault diagnosis of the system can only use special diagnostic VAG1551, VA G1552, V AS5051 or other Autel Diagnostic Tool and Launch Diagnostic Tool diagnosis.

Audi automobile safety airbag

Further, the system and other electronic control Audi vehicle systems, by using a dedicated diagnostic equipment, can be queried, part number and fault diagnosis system software version of its system, the implementation of the final element, clear fault code, and to read the data block The control unit encoding functions, the system address code is 15.

In the maintenance of the system needs attention to some of the following items.
1) prohibits the trigger line for testing, namely the driver and passenger side airbags, front and rear seat side airbags, and seatbelt tensioners trigger directly measure its resistance.

Audi automobile safety airbag

2) removable front driver and passenger side airbags, you must turn off the ignition, remove the negative battery cable. Driver's side airbag folded down, should be properly placed, prohibiting anti-put throw with touch.

3) airbag control unit must be replaced in the following cases: the driver or passenger side airbag is triggered after the first; front seat belt tensioner or side airbag is triggered three times; electrical lines under normal circumstances, Launch X-431 PAD and Launch X431 IV GX4 Master diagnostic system can not enter or fault code is displayed as 65535. In addition, the replacement of the control unit should be encoded.

No matter what the car is on the airbag, just as a safety auxiliary devices exist, can not use it as personal safety is guaranteed. Therefore, in daily driving, we should pay more attention to driving safety, be sure to use a seat belt device,  or car diagnostic tools add a layer of security protection key.