Body slight jitter is the situation many owners often encountered. If the owners start the vehicle, if we find the body slightly shaking, then there is likely to mean that the vehicle under three kinds of condition:

Auto Body jitter causes and solutions

If the driving car process, found the body there is a slight jitter or offsets, generally is a tire caused by failure. First may be tire balance condition, need the owner to do a four-wheel positioning and dynamic balance as soon as possible, if the vehicle is not running deviation do the tire dynamic balance, and then use the Auto Diagnostic Tool to check tire dynamic balance.

Another condition is more serious, may be because the steel ring caused by deformation, which requires owners to professional repair shop to check. This situation generally occurs in the use of a longer life of the vehicle body. General motors to replace the new tires, new rims must be used followed by the Launch X431 PAD or Launch X431 Creader VIII tool to check the tire balance, otherwise the weight average steering wheel is not easy to happen dithering phenomenon. Body jitter on driving comfort and manipulation of the judge will make a difference.

The third situation caused by shaft deformation imbalance, general this kind of situation in the chassis more car collision.

If there is a car body jitter, which is aimed at the vehicle equipped with manual transmission, the performance is: in the beginning and slowly lift the clutch pedal process, the vehicle has a jitter. This is due to a clutch three piece suit (flywheel, clutch plate and pressure plate) the irregular wear, in which one or a few pieces to produce deflection caused by, in the bonding process, clutch disc can not be smoothly joined, but a joint, a little and release of the engine power is just beginning to transfer, and suddenly slipped, the vehicle performance is similar jumps is feeling. Replace the damaged parts of the clutch in three pieces, and then use the Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P or Autel MaxiDas DS708 tool to check the performance of the car.