The most common fault of the automotive cooling system is making the car broken down, and the loss of water., With the loss of water as well as accelerating weakness fault. Checking the vehicles with the boil water tank, first you should to use the OBD Diagnostic tools to detect other related components properly, such as using the correct grade of fuel, oil, spark plugs, antifreeze and adjust ignition timing and idle air-fuel ratio. And further check the cooling system under the  normal circumstances.

Auto cooling system maintenance tips

Daily checking for the cooling system
First look at the water tank. Under normal circumstances, the tank will keep a consistent temperature when driving, if half cold or hot situation appears, you can determine the tank internal was blocked. You can connect the tank to the two kilograms of water pressure, reverse flush, if congested, you can use small amount of cleaning agent, taking care to clean the dirt tank and observe for leaks at the same time.

Second, look at the thermostat. Some people think that the removal of the thermostat can prevent the water temperature up to high, in fact, as long as the thermostat function properly and does not cause the water temperature too high, while the engine is running at low temperatures for a long time, it will be very harmful. In addition, many additional engine thermostat is a two-way action, when the thermostat is turned off, it will force to go small circulation of cooling water, while the thermostat is turned on, small loop will be closed, the cooling water will take the big loop at a whole. If you do not install the thermostat, because of the local resistance line throttling effect, the actual flow of a cycle is with very little water, but the water temperature rises.

Finally, using the Launch X431 GDS OR Launch X431 V Pro tool to check the pump. There are three ways for the damage of the pump: leakage, turn and throw impeller corrosion. The so-called revolution is lost pump shaft and impeller with too large gap, when the engine reaches a certain speed, the pump impeller can not reach the appropriate speed, resulting in poor water circulation. Cooling fan is the main component, and some cars have been eliminated fixed fan, and replaced with silicone oil electromagnetic and fan clutch. The characteristic is it basically does not work by a cold car fan, and the maximum amount of heat hot car; silicone fan clutch main fault is that oil spills, and the main fault of electromagnetic fan clutch is damaged water temperature switch, damaged line, and the damaged electromagnetic coil.

Auto cooling system maintenance tips

Cooling System Maintenance
1. Use the Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P or Autel MaxiDas DS708 tool check the cooling system seal, tightness of the fan belt, thermostat sensitivity and cooling water temperature, and keep plenty of cooling water.

2. Cleaning the cooling system, including the heat sink, the water jacket adhesion of scale, in order to prevent fouling in the cooling system thermal performance.