Condition 1: driving sideslip
Rainy days is slippery, the possibility of sideslip increase in traffic, in addition to good driving habits and skills, good brake with the state of the tire was the key to safe driving. The vast majority of car braking system is dual-pipes hydraulic braking vacuum booster. The brake fluid from transfer braking is extremely strong water imbibitions. If there is water into the brake fluid, in the process of braking, the high temperature of friction produces water vapor. And gas compressibility in the brake fluid is compressed, can cause brake failure and even failure.

Automobile 3 common problems after the rain

The solution: some serious vehicle brake fluid bibulous, in the brake fluid oil droplets can be seen on the lid. So have to check the brake fluid during maintenance, to ensure driving safety. Once found the car brake fluid bibulous serious, should send professional repair shop in addition to the water.

In addition, before the rainy season if it is found that vehicle tire wear, loss of tire, and must be replaced. Someone to reduce tire pressure every rainy season, the purpose is to make the friction between tire and ground area increases, thus increase the adhesion, actually just the opposite, it is easier to cause the tire skid, keep the normal tire pressure is very important.

Condition 2: wiper failure
If you often drive a car in the heavy rain, the line of sight is not clear is the biggest hidden danger, the importance of wipers are evident. And at this point, if the wiper conditions such as vibration or have different ring, that you be careful, because it is likely to be in it to send warning to you.

Automobile 3 common problems after the rain

Solution: increasing the monsoon rain must let the wipers to assume more responsibility, for wiper inspection and maintenance to be more careful. Because rainy days the road and the line of sight of them are good for driving, if the wiper cannot very good brush away the rain, it will be great danger to traffic, the wiper plays an important role, so more careful inspection and maintenance of it in place.

Owners themselves put wiper switch speed of various location, pay attention to the wiper is there a vibration at work or have different ring, check whether the wipers under different speed to keep a certain velocity, the status of the wiper and wiper strut uneven whether there is a swing or leakage phenomenon. Both fault in any kind of means that the wiper blade damage. At this time can be used, with finger touch on rubber wiper blades, check for damage and elasticity. If the crack of leaf aging, hardening, or, should be timely replacement. Replacement blades work is not complicated, can do it yourself. Remember to first figure out what kind of specifications of the car wiper blade.

Condition 3: rainy day engine start
In the rainy season is the most critical for cars "heart" - the engine maintenance. The owner on a rainy day when the engine is not easy to start with, sometimes even forced up, is also a whisper.

Automobile 3 common problems after the rain

Solution: this problem from the ignition system is the biggest reason due to damp the leakage. Once found because of ignition system of the wet and cause adverse, engine ignition performance, can temporarily use dry paper towel or dry cloth to dry distribution plate and wire inside and outside, if because of aging leakage must be replaced immediately.

Rainy days also often wade, after wading car performance due to several water fell, serious can lead to the car can't run normally. This of course, also is most likely from the ignition system leakage caused by moisture. Because rain is the best conductor, turbid in electricity after water is likely to cause a short circuit.

If the move engine stalling doesn’t repeatedly ignition start-up, should wait for a period of time or checking circuit, otherwise extremely easy to cause the engine scrap. When the car should be timely after smooth wading through the circuit equipment for maintenance, can with a paper towel or dry cloth dry circuit one by one to start again.

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