The brake system is the guarantee of a car can at any time according to the driver's intention to slow down or even stop system, brake system is very important so that you can use the OBD diagnostic tool to check to ensure that the brake system to work properly. Look for Car Brake System 5 tips:

Automobile brake system

1, ABS warning light in the instrument lights up, please as soon as possible to the 4S shop inspection and handling, to avoid affecting traffic safety and travel delays. If you have Launch X431 IV GX4 Master or Launch X431 Diagun III diagnostic tool, you can check your car's problem, no need to 4S repair shop.

2, Loosen the brake after start, heard a friction brake pads and brake discs, this is normal phenomenon.

After starting the engine, the driver will be put on the brakes to shift after operation, loosen the brake vehicles running start, after gear hangs in the brake pads and brake discs have been carried out under normal temperature conditions, but did not produce great friction, vehicle gear will produce forward or backward driving force, this time release the brake pedal, the brake pad and the brake disc will produce sound. If the brake disc at the car wash water this voice will be more obvious.

3. The parking brake cable growth after a period of time: This is normal. Handbrake cable is composed of multiple sets of wires, the force after a certain ductility, in use for some time, it will have a certain elongation than the length of new car, and will not have any impact on the parking brake .

4, Brake disc rusty: the brake disc main component is iron, the vehicle is not used for a long time, the disk surface will have some rust, but the vehicle is in motion through the work of the braking system, would eliminate rust, does not affect the normal use.

5, The brake disc after the use of fever: a normal phenomenon. Brake is by friction brake pads and brake discs to achieve, is the kinetic energy is converted into heat energy in the process, it will generate heat. Keep your hands after touching the parking brake discs, to avoid burns. If you're still worried, you can use Autel MaxiDas DS708 or Autel MaxiScan VAG405 tool checks to ensure road safety.