Automotive filter is a device used to filter impurities. In the car the main air filters, oil filters and fuel filters, known as the "three filter." Filters used to filter impurities, filter has a great influence on the main effect of other components, in use, must be regularly use Auto Diagnostic Tool maintenance and replacement.

Automotive filter maintenance

First, the air filter
Car engines are very sophisticated parts, tiny impurities will damage the engine. Therefore, the air before entering the cylinder, must first go through the air filter cleaner, in order to enter the cylinder. The air filter has relations with the life of the engine.

Currently, the car engine is used widely in the filter paper, it has a low mass, low cost, easy to replace, high efficiency filtration, general cleaning once traveling 5000 kilometers. Clean the filter should be removed gently tapping the end face, use compressed air to blow from inside to outside , do not wash with gasoline or water. Traveling 25,000 kilometers must replace the air filter.

Second, the oil filter
Most car engines using spin-on oil filter, this filter is not disposable filter unpick and wash,  when changing the oil must replace the oil filter, otherwise it will affect the oil quality. Replace the oil and oil filter cycle, generally is 5000 km. Pay particular attention when changing the oil filter, but also pay attention to the choice of oil, you can use Launch X431 GDS or Launch X431 V Pro tools to detect engine performance.

Third, the fuel filter
At present, most of the engine is a one-time non-washable jacket-style paper filter, fuel filter replacement cycle is generally 10,000 km. When replacing the filter, the filter has to pay attention to the arrow mark, in the replacement, do not installed anti. Recommend the replacement cycle of fuel filter should be according to its structure, properties and USES of varies.

Most car manufacturers on the external filter recommended normal maintenance and replacement cycle for 50000 km. If you are unsure, please use Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P or Autel MaxiTPMS TS501 tool to view. In addition, when the filter hose appears the dust, oil and other dirt, causing the hose aging or cracks, the need for timely replacement hose.