Car maintenance cycle is every car person should understand knowledge, car maintenance cycle table covers the oil, four filters, consumables. Recently, many friends some questions related aspects of vehicle maintenance and periodic table of advice, consultation with these questions today some automobile maintenance industry experts regard and the knowledge learned are summarized as follows:

Automotive parts maintenance

First, the oil and oil filter
Cycle: every six months to replace (or 5000 kilometers), the replacement of some way to go on the freeway, oil choose yellow "shell" brand.

Second, the air filter and spark plugs
The cleaning cycle: once every half a year, changed every 30000 km, usually platinum spark plugs can be durable 50,000 km.

Third, the fuel filter
Frequency: Annually replaced once (or 10,000 kilometers), can be determined according to the quality of gasoline.

Automotive parts maintenance

Four, brake fluid
Cycle: every two years to replace, in order to avoid brake fluid absorbs moisture and corrosion of components.

Five, coolant
Period: check once half a year, to increase the coolant, and check the concentration, the need to add distilled water, it is forbidden to add water, otherwise the corrosion of water tank and components, liquid level height can't more than a full, water thermometer temperature higher than 90 degrees said must increase refrigerating fluid in a timely manner.

Sixth, the camshaft drive mechanism and the toothed belt tensioner
Cycle: changed every 80,000 km.

Seven, throttle
Cycle: cleaned once every six months (or underpowered station speed instability when cleaning). 1 year or 20,000 km Replace air filter once! Air filter replacement cycle for 5000-10000 km, gas filter can be 15000-20000 replacement.