Summer and autumn, the seasons change, car maintenance also will naturally become the focus, and then in the autumn maintenance, the owner should pay particular attention to what? To this end, the reporter interviewed car maintenance division, hoping to make professional advice during the fall when the majority of owners of vehicles of conservation can be targeted more efficiently.

1, car external maintenance
More rain in summer and autumn, rain acidic substances, strong sunlight, can cause corrosion and oxidation paint, not promptly treated, over time, the car will lose luster finish. Meanwhile, the dust in the air and on the road, mud and rain also easy to stick together in the body of the vehicle, it is easy to make the body dirty, for the car to do a from cleaning, polishing to waxing, sealing glaze or coating and a series of beauty care even if the sand more of the autumn season, the car will still be bright as new surface. If you want to paint care system, you need to be professional and regular maintenance, many shops do not have the professional level, if you use a towel containing sediment particles, will cause damage to the finish, and this damage in a short time it is difficult to see out of.

In addition, if the car has obvious surface scratches, paint treatment should be done in order to avoid scratches and rust damp parts. In addition, the owners also do not ignore the doors and windows of Polystyrene on maintenance, because the appearance of the rubber body temperature after baking summer usually occurs in varying degrees of aging.

2, air conditioning maintenance
Frequent use of car air-conditioning in summer, the owners generally in use and there are some errors: If the car into the open air, will increase the engine operating pressure, reduce engine life; air conditioning running total in the low block, inhalation of dust will accumulate bacteria, hazardous to their health; time to open the inner loop, causing the vehicle air pollution and so on. Close the window open air for a long time, it will cause a lot of bacteria gather in the compartment, plus air-conditioning duct condensate accumulation, will breed mold. So, into the fall to do a thorough clean-up and maintenance of the air conditioning system is particularly important.

3, the brake system
Regular replacement of brake fluid, check the brakes, avoiding reach the wear limit, causing a safety hazard. Check the brake has not changed often weak, deviation, pedaling efforts have not changed the brake pedal, the need to replace the brake pads, depending on whether the remaining thickness and uniform wear, brake force is balanced, etc., found the problem immediately resolved.

4, tire maintenance
Car tires are "feet" in vehicle safety driving, it plays an important role, and our data show that in highway traffic fatalities, 70% were caused by tire problems, so for tires maintenance must not be ignored. Fall due to relatively low temperatures, rubber is easy to harden and appear more brittle, not only will reduce the coefficient of friction, but also easier to leak even rolling tires, tire maintenance time to check whether there is a significant trauma, scratches, etc., make up the pressure, hit the specified range, while frequent cleaning inclusions within the tire pattern.

In addition, with the fall of the temperature gradually decreased, gas expansion and contraction will cause insufficient tire pressure within the tire. Therefore, a timely vehicle to check tire pressure condition and avoid inadequate tire pressure caused by abnormal wear. Recommendations to the 4S shop or professional service points do a comprehensive inspection, maintenance cycle and understand its real-time status. If the tread is too shallow or rubber hard and brittle is need to timely maintenance and replacement.

5, chassis systems
As the saying goes, "the first car rotten bottom", in addition to the tires but also attach importance to check on the chassis. Experienced a summer rainfall and wading driving, autumn maintenance focuses on car chassis rust areas. Chassis metal material after hot weather and rain, "torn" later, prone to rust phenomenon, affecting traffic safety, therefore, must be on the chassis rust treatment and check if there are scratches chassis, screw off and so on.

6, battery maintenance
Summer temperatures experienced test, maintenance battery system is also very important. Today, many car owners to install more and more electrical equipment, such as a trip computer, car refrigerator, subwoofer, etc., on the battery system requirements are also increasing. For this reason, professionals recommend, owners try not to use these car electrical equipment, so as to avoid excessive battery consumption. Also, check the electrode wiring at any time there are no exceptions, because bad habits will greatly shorten the battery life.

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