For increasingly soaring oil prices, some of the economic strength is not strong young owners, helpless sigh, "cannot afford" In fact, if a little attention in the daily driving habits, maintenance, can often save a lot of fuel consumption, reporter summed up five strokes coup nowadays more popular fuel for your reference.

Less than 10 minutes travel time
Driving style affects the car's fuel consumption. Maintain well driving habits, not only can reduce the wear and tear, and can save fuel. Gentle driving slow acceleration anticipating the brakes then can avoid panic stop.

Best 5 Ways to Save Money on Gas

In addition, the travel time should be done to minimize short trips. Less than 10 minutes of short-haul travel is not only a waste of fuel, but the car is very negative, because the engine is no chance to really heat up, which will cause condensation engines. When the iron, the oxygen and water are mixed to produce rust and rust is detrimental to the car.

Select suitable lubricant
High quality oil can protect the engine is very easy to understand, but the quality of the oil can reduce fuel consumption, I am afraid not many people know. In regard to the use of lubricants in different seasons using a suitable lubricant can reduce fuel consumption.

Best 5 Ways to Save Money on Gas

Do not blindly choose high-viscosity oil, so make engine friction increases, some loss of engine power, thereby increasing fuel consumption.

In addition, select the lubricant is to strike a balance between the protection of the engine and fuel-efficient. According to the standard given by the manufacturer and car use environment to select the proper lubricant is order to achieve the best results.

Hot cars of the time not too long
Some owners prefer to name the morning after the car parked hot car, this is a good habit, but it is undoubtedly a warm-up for too long trying to find fault with their pocketbook. In fact, as long as the engine is able to achieve a stable and normal idle speed can be driving up.

Best 5 Ways to Save Money on Gas

In addition, in fact, you can let the car slowly driving twelve kilometers to reach the warm-up effect.

Air temperature should be appropriate
Automotive air conditioning energy from the engine, turn on the air of course will increase fuel consumption, however, is able to achieve rational use of car air-conditioning cooling effect, while allowing fuel consumption to a minimum. Energy-saving household air temperature is 24 degrees Celsius, the car is the same.

Best 5 Ways to Save Money on Gas

Some owners believe that the air conditioning to the lowest temperature of the cooling effect of the best, in fact, this is a misunderstanding. The result is the lowest temperature to allow the inside temperature reaches 16 or 18 degrees Celsius, but this is not necessarily a comfortable temperature, and the compressor work the longest, is the most fuel approach.

Develop good driving habits
Many car owners driving time are "impatient", often wanton throttle will make the engine speed is too high and thus increase fuel consumption; rather mad brakes are applied to push the car forward makes the kinetic energy into heat on the brakes become useless.

Best 5 Ways to Save Money on Gas

Meanwhile, frequent lane changes driving style also make longer mileage vehicles, will increase fuel consumption. So usually develop good driving habits can reduce the useful work done to further reduce fuel consumption.

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