Friends often say, want to buy a used car, but do not know how to choose, do not know what to pay attention, although used car can save a lot of money, but if you buy a lot wrong with the car, not worthwhile. Have this concern is not unexpected, can not just look at the appearance and to decision, you need to use the Auto Diagnostic Tool to check the performance of the car.

Buy second-hand car need to pay attention to matters

Sellers To make cars look more beautiful, will advance to the car beauty and let the car looks clean, almost like new. Care of the first impression, this car certainly will leave a deep impression. Do not know the surface of cooked glamorous car, in fact there are many problems, maybe a car accident. So in the purchase of second-hand car, do not be confused by the appearance of the car.

Buy big brands of cars, that new car prices are too high, wanted to buy a used car, but luxury cars follow-up care is very troublesome, generally small repair shop can not to repair, furthermore the price is also very expensive, as well as maintenance costs, maintenance costs, might be able to buy a nice new car. In fact, more popular models and brands are the best to take care of, where can go where maintenance, cost is also reasonable, they can even use the Launch X431 IV GX4 Master or Launch X431 Diagun III tool maintenance.

Buy second-hand car need to pay attention to matters

Many people buy a used car through a friend, first of all is a friend and not as embarrassed openings at bargain prices, view vehicle formalities are complete, a contract's time to take a closer look, these are designed to ensure their own interests.

Cars are not consumer goods, with more or less a long time there will be some problems, so use Autel MaxiSys MS908 or Xtool PS2 tools check the condition is necessary. Check whether the body has a collision, the chassis is damaged, the exhaust pipe is rusty, as well as the engine, gearbox, water tank is leaking, seepage. The most important is the engine, the engine is the heart of the car, so should pay special attention, in addition to see the engine's appearance is dry, exhaust pipe is sealed, but also to start the car, listen to the sound of the engine is normal.