The length of service life of the vehicle battery, on the one hand, depends on the structure and quality of the battery, on the other hand, it is closely related with the daily use of OBD Diagnostic Tool maintenance, so we should do the following:

Car battery daily maintenance Considerations

1, note that securely installed and cleaning maintenance
First, the battery in the car on the installation to be firm and reliable, to prevent the vibration caused by the car in the driving caused by the loss of the internal electrode of the battery and the connection of the external wires. Second automobile starting batteries can bear a large current discharge time is short, but small current for a long time discharge will lead to reduce the battery life; so should often remove the dust on the battery, and posts and threads on the oxide and the liquid outlet overflow electrolyte, keep clean and dry, to prevent the battery self discharge.

2, pay attention to timely charge
When the battery voltage is insufficient and the light is dim, the starting weakness, should carry on the vehicle outside the supplementary charge promptly. Battery charge capacity can be reflected on the dashboard, you can also use the Launch X431 PAD or Launch X431 GDS tool to detect. When the ammeter pointer display when about a third, it should be promptly charged, charge more than two-thirds of the over-discharge. Overdischarge the charging current is comparatively large, is not conducive to reducing active substance. Cars traveling in cold regions, to avoid the battery is fully discharged, in order to avoid the electrolyte freezing.

Car battery daily maintenance Considerations

3, regular inspection
a, check the battery housing for cracks and electrolyte leakage.

b, always check the battery cable is solid, all joint, must maintain good contact, prevent sparks, causing the battery to explode. For example, always check the battery in the holder fixing bolt tightening, often view the pole and wiring connector too is reliable; Do not insert metal objects on the battery to prevent short circuits; sealed plastic cracks to timely repair. Check the circuit of each part of the aging or short circuit.

c, regularly check the battery electrolyte density and liquid height, check the battery discharge level, to prevent over-discharge and early retirement.

Car battery daily maintenance Considerations

d, to keep the battery charging circuit is normal, when the battery charge indicator does not necessarily excessive use of the correct display charging properly or not, you can use the following method: In the evening let the car idle state to keep open the car headlights, illuminated to a certain fixed position, eyes fixed on the center of the light closer look, then refuel anxious to see if the lights suddenly brighten, lighten describing a generator and charging circuit were normal, also can be directly used Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P or XTOOL PS90 GDS tools to detect the battery state.