Maintenance staff said, in the car maintenance, the battery maintenance is also important. Some vehicle owners and maintenance personnel for battery maintenance do not pay attention, do not understand, did not develop good habits and cause the battery life shortened, and even damage to other electrical equipment. General battery available 2-3 years, but if you use unreasonable, 3-4 months, it may be replaced, you can check the battery through the OBD Diagnostic Tool, real-time control of battery performance.

Car battery maintenance guide

How to determine the battery needs to be charged? Can not rely on the brightness of the headlights or sound intensity to determine the working state of the battery, you need to use the Launch X431 V+ Pro3 or Launch X431 V Pro tool to check, if the brightness of the lights dimmed, to the time when the battery has entered a state of loss, the car must not be launched. In order to ensure the normal work of the battery, the owner is best used in the battery every half an hour, start the engine to charge a battery.

Today, the car on the electric equipment more and more, such as the car after the car to use the electric power of the equipment before the headlights, tail lights, reading lights and radio or CD, so, the owner in the use of these electric equipment, as far as possible not to let the battery overload work. If flameout, no need special should first turn off the headlights, and then stall, in the night started when the car should also start the reopen after the headlight, to minimize the damage to the battery.

If you let the battery in the engine stopped state, it must prevent the battery power loss, if the loss of power is likely to cause damage to the battery. Now there is a kind of technology can repair the damaged battery, adopts pulse charging technology which will activate battery electrolyte, still can continue to use. But if losing electricity, battery will be scrapped in advance.

Car battery maintenance guide

A 4S shop maintenance staff had said, according to use Autel MaxiDas DS708 or Xtool PS2 tool to check the battery experience, in a good car battery case, open the headlights, reading lights, radios, capacity 35Ah battery operating time is about three hours, while the capacity of 45Ah battery operating time can be a little longer, between 3-4 hours. The higher the volume of the radio or CD, the greater the power, so the battery power usage time, also consider this issue. In addition, the battery of the new and old also affect the duration of the duration of the power. If users do not install some of the original electrical appliances, such as the bass, etc., will cause the excessive use of batteries. He warned the owner, if the battery is old, working time is best not more than 2 hours.