The engine is the heart of the vehicle must be protected. The quality of the oil not only can reduce engine wear, increase engine efficiency, by OBD Diagnostic Tool to detect, but also to save fuel consumption, extended drain intervals and help keep the engine clean and prolong engine life, long-term performance of the engine as new.

Car burning oil reason and solutions

There are three cases car burning oil
1, the valve seal leakage at the oil, because the poor quality of the valve seal, or the engine temperature is high, or exhaust vent is blocked leading to the greater impact of the valve seal.

2, Crankshaft ventilation mechanism can not be filtered out of the oil, leading to oil is sucked into the inlet, the only use Launch X431 V Pro or Launch X431 Diagun III tools to detect oil filter components, to eliminate failures or improve efficiency.

3, From piston engine oil leakage, for this performance, throttle only exhaust side have the carbon deposition, but the most damage, the main reason is lack of the inferior quality or process precision of piston and piston ring, under the turbine, the piston ring of gas oil energy is larger, the destructive force of the piston ring of piston is bigger, more heavy oil burning.

Car burning oil reason and solutions

Overall, the engine burning oil to avoid is the use of qualified and suitable lubricants, and changed regularly. But note that the different cars engine design, therefore, in view of the model in different countries, the cost of repair and repair after the effect of the difference is very big. Universal significance and practical advice is to use good oil and regularly replaced.

Some burning oil was designed to be, this is actually the main part of the current owners complaints: obviously the vehicle does not have any fault, but the oil consumption is particularly large. So for the engine easy to have a fever, usually to use the Autel MaxiDiag Elite MD802 or Autel MaxiSys Mini MS905 tool to check the work condition, the regular check the oil consumption is normal, etc..