With faster speed of car entering families, how to maintain your car has become one of the most concerned topics. If you are a new car owner, for the sake of your safety and prolonging the life of your car, you’d better go to an Online Auto Diagnostic Tool Store for a full checking for your loved cars regularly. Apart from regularly do the routine maintenance in the repair stores, it is also need to pay attention to the maintenance of some small places, which will also connect with the comfort and safety for you when driving.

car dashboard

Skill 1: Dashboard needs Carefully Cleaned
One of the most important inner car accessories is the dashboard, the degree of cleaning will directly affect the driver's health and the customers’ visual perception for the whole effect of the inner environment of the car. Whether the dashboard of your car can still work is directly related to the safe for driving. So we sincerely suggest you to use a kind of Autel Diagnostic Tools to check the performance of your car, such as Autel MaxiDas DS708, Autel MaxiSys Mini MS905 Automotive Diagnostic, etc.

On the other hand, the dashboard has a very complex structure, so it is very difficult to clean. However, if you more attention on the dashboard, you will find there is very little parts that can be cleaned just by cloth and sponge, some parts still need the special tools to clean.

With the different thickness of wood or a ruler, and fix its head into a diagonal triangle, rectangle or sharp, and then wrap up with clean cloth. It can not be more perfect to clean the dashboard, which will not only improve the cleaning effect, but also not damage the parts that will be cleaned.

Skill 2: Carpet Washing Skills

car carpet

The easiest part to be dirty of the car is the carpet. If do vacuuming processing with the dust collector with brush head, it will make it less dirty than before. While for more dirty carpet, you  have to use the special detergent. In general, you should firstly do the dust removal, and then spray the right amount of detergent, and clean it with the brush, at last scrub the excess detergent with cleaning cloth, which will make the carpet both clean and soft as former.

However, what you should also pay attention is not to wash the car carpet completely dipped in the water. On one hand, it will damage the adhesive of several layers of different materials of the carpet, on the other hand, it will also make the carpet not be dry at a long time and affect the use effect, and make the inner of the car wet.