Now many owners prefer to put a navigator in the car, which is equivalent to a portable electronic map, the owner can use according to general navigation knowledge to operate on the line, consumers can choose to install it on the Auto Diagnostic Tool Online Store and by product Instructions on the line specific operating procedures, so can save a lot of effort. Let's look at the proper use of the navigator.

Car navigation systems

1. So I suggest you do not the navigator on the dashboard, especially in the summer, the scorching sun damage caused direct lighting navigator.

2. Buy a new navigator for the first time  best charge more than 10 hours.

3. The first start the car, after inserting the cigarette lighter power after the end of the navigation unplug the cigarette lighter, and then plug in the next launch vehicle, which will help protect the machine battery, extending battery life.

4. Do not put sharp navigator beside the hard stuff, so as not to damage the navigator screen mesh.

5. After the shutdown sequence to follow this: Turn off the page, and then shut down, unplug some owners finally exhausted directly pull the plug, never shut down, this is easy, but a long time is easy to damage electronic components. You can use the Launch X431 GDS and Launch X431 V Pro diagnostic tool check its problems, timely maintenance and avoid accidents.

Car navigation systems

General method enabled car navigation systems. Push the SD memory card, do not be pushed to the SD card write-protection, to be positive towards the front of the host, the SD memory card gently into the jack, are pre- Switch to the position [OFF] So, when for the first time, please switch to the position [ON], and enter the main interface, you can then start using the car navigation system; a delay when the screen can not switch, button no effect or a stylus tap system does not respond, press [RESET] key hole system reset, you can also use Autel MaxiDAS DS708 and Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P reset.