Cars over some speed humps, the normal speed through the speed humps, through OBD Diagnostic Tool detection show that it will damage to the vehicle, and ride comfort have influence, encountered deceleration zone how to through?

Car over speed humps Tips

The effect of speed humps just as its name implies is to make the vehicle to slow down, even if the vehicle is not loose throttle or brakes, the vehicle up and down motion of the reason will be because certain rate weakened. Of course, the main role of the deceleration zone or let the driver subconsciously reduce vehicle speed by this section, the initiative allows the driver to pay attention to the road conditions ahead, generally in front of the school may be crossing or continue downhill.

1. Before experiencing the deceleration zone, the first driver's consciousness is closing the throttle and tap the brakes, and pay attention to road conditions ahead, and through the rear of the rearview mirror to observe road traffic conditions, if trailing behind the vehicles more, close the throttle to reduce speed must not to slam on the brakes. It is easy to cause behind the vehicle rear end collision, you can use Launch X431 GDS or Launch X431 IV GX4 Master tool detection of brake system.

Car over speed humps Tips

2. For automatic transmission vehicles, as well as from the deceleration zone after a short distance, according to the vehicle damping performance and road driving conditions, the vehicle speed control at 30Km / h or less, but not too low. Although the lower rate turbulence weaker sense, but it will affect the overall rate of road traffic. Vehicle speed control to a certain speed, the rear wheels begin to spin down when the band can throttle speed.

3. For manual transmission car with a manual transmission car is relatively complicated. Before entering the deceleration zone when some began to collect the oil from the deceleration and observed the traffic situation around the vehicle, and based on the vehicle speed sequential shift into low, generally 1, 2 block can be relatively stable through the deceleration zone.

In the vehicle rate below 30Km/h or lower through the deceleration zone, according to the Autel MaxiSys MS908 or Autel Maxidiag Elite MD701 detection. To a file through the deceleration zone, light step on the clutch to do linkage and throttle idle speed, the rear wheel through deceleration zone, observe the road in front, slowly lift the clutch and lightly on the accelerator, according to the speed or engine speed a step on the clutch shift into high gear. At last, the car speeds of up to normal driving state.