Car sealing strip is one of the important parts of the car, which is widely used in the door of the car, windows, car body, seats, skylight, engine case and the trunk and so on. Automobile Diagnostic Tool will help you to check whether it can still work well or not. The sealing strip of the car can be used to produce the rubber hinge for installing the passenger luggage compartment door. Moreover, it also has the functions of waterproof, sealing, etc.

So, how can we correctly use the automotive sealing strip and what should we pay attention for the daily maintenance of vehicle sealing strip?

1. Check whether there is any big crack or breakage with the sealing strip by using the Autel MaxiDas DS708 Auto Diagnostic Tool or a Launch X431 Creader VIII Auto Scanner for a full checking of your car after long time driving. If broken, you can repair it with the adhesive. Especially to use the sealing strip specific adhesive, it is sure to be very easy to mend the big breakage. Of course, if badly damaged with the sealing strip, or at a larger aging degree, you’d better change a new sealing strip.

2. For the car owners, you’d better paint a layer of protective agent with high permeability after cleaning you’re the sealing strip of the doors and windows of your car by using the car detergent, which can not only protect it from aging, but also greatly improve the sealing capacity of it. Besides, the gap of the sealing strip is much easier to be filled with dust, and cause the rust. In viewing of it, you can use a brush to clear the dust out.

3. When replacing the whole body, you should be paint a layer of sealing strip in the lap section of the weld, and the thickness is about 1mm, and no defect with the glue, bubble, etc. And paint 3~4mm elastic coating and anticorrosive coating under the whole floor surface and under the front wheel hood, which can not only greatly enhance the vehicle's sealing capacity and slow down the corrosion rate of the car body, but also can greatly improve the comfort for riding.

4. The sealing of the door and the car body is the difficult parts, and the sealing requirement is very strict. The sealed part is very long and the sectional form of the sealing parts is different, at the same time, the car door will be opened and closed frequently. On the limousine, it usually to set 3~4 sealing, and mainly seal the structures of the front standing pillar and the side of the roof beam. This kind of multi-sealing is generally arranged in the front door gap, except for the sealing function, it will play the role on automobile sound insulation noise reduction.

5. Automobile skylight is the most basic configuration of a family car. To make sure whether the skylight still work well, you can use a kind of tool for car diagnosis, such as the Launch X431 V Pro Full System Diagnosis Tool and Autel MaxiSys Mini MS905 Automotive Diagnostic, etc. When the automobile sunroof opened, the rubber sealing strip rail will be exposed to air, which is hard to avoid accumulation of dust, and even ran into the little grains of sand. Long time using may lead to deformation of the due to abrasion, and blocked drain. So regularly to clean the track and smear grease is very important.

Tough the automotive sealing strip is the widget inside the body, it can guarantee the switch door steady and heavy, and make the car shelter, dustproof, heat insulation, sound insulation, as well as play the role of decoration effect for the edge of the doors and windows of your car. When the auto body suffered with vibration and distortion, the sealing strip can also play the role of buffering, shock absorption, protection of glass. Therefore, car maintenance is no more small matter, instead, every link should not be ignored.