Rainy day driving, the vehicle sideslip possibility increases, in addition to good driving habits and skills, but also the brake and the state of the tire good is also the key to safe driving. Automobile brake system is the most dual vacuum assisted hydraulic brake. Brake fluid transfer braking force which has strong water absorption. If water into the brake fluid in the braking process, the high temperature friction will produce water vapor. The gas is compressible, the brake fluid is compressed, it will cause brake failure or even failure, so after a rainy day, the need to use the OBD Diagnostic Tool to check vehicle braking systems.

Car sideslip need to timely maintenance

Solution: Some brake fluid absorption water more serious vehicle, in the brake fluid oil on the cover can see water droplets. So in the maintenance must use the Launch X431 PAD or Launch X431 V Pro tool to check the brake fluid, to ensure the life safety of occupants. Once found the car brake fluid suction serious, should be sent to the professional repair shop in addition to water.

Also, before the arrival of the rainy season, if the vehicle tire wear, tire wear, must be replaced. someone to reduce tire pressure every rainy season, the purpose is to make the friction between tire and ground area increases, thus increase the adhesion, actually just the opposite, it is easier to cause the tire skid, keep the normal tire pressure is very important, regular use Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P or Autel MaxiDas DS708 tools to detect automobile tire pressure.