Car steering wheel jitter, is our daily driving in the process of one of the most common vehicles problem, especially the vehicles driving to 50000 km to 70000 km between the most easy to appear this kind of phenomenon. Steering wheel jitter, body resonance will lead to not safe driving, need to use Auto Diagnostic Tool in time to check the performance of the car.

Car steering wheel jitter causes and solutions

Cars driving speed at between 80-90 km, will appear steering wheel jitter, more than 90 kilometers per hour is back to normal. This happens mostly caused by the tire deformation or vehicle transmission system, must use the Launch X431 GDS or Launch X-431 PADII tools to check whether the front wheel orientation Angle and the toe-in meets the requirements, such as loss of quasi should be adjusted; Set up front axle try to turn the wheel, wheel static balance condition and examine whether the tire deformation is too large, such as deformation should be replaced.

Traveling on a flat road vehicle normal, but encountered potholes, steering wheel jitter. This is due to the car in the driving, because of the pull rod ball head wear loose or glue joint fall off, as there is a tire wear and tear become irregular, should be sent to the professional repair point inspection, replacement of damaged parts.

Vehicle at 30-40 km per hour, the body has shake feeling, like the feeling of by boat. This happens mostly because the tires when used in daily due to causes such as brush, bump or aging and other reasons caused by the deformation caused, by the replacement of tires.

Car steering wheel jitter causes and solutions

At high speeds the steering wheel appeared jitter when suddenly hit the brakes. Brake too hard, often may cause brake disc, brake pads, overheating, encounter cold deformation, caused by steering wheel vibration. Usually in the replacement of brake pads, brake pads, symptoms can be resolved, in order to drive the vehicle safety, should be regularly used Xtool PS2 or Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P tools to check the performance of the car.