How to identify under what circumstances need to replace the wiper?
1. From the wiper itself, the symptoms of damage. Identify whether there are cracks, cracks, rust, deformation, adhesion, color and so on; with ears to distinguish wiper when use whether jumping, such as jitter abnormal sound; the use of OBD Diagnostic Tool to check whether the hardening of the rubber, etc..

Car wiper and battery maintenance guide

2. In the process of using see symptoms from the windshield. , look to whether have a slender stripe, is hard to see the outside world, this is because there is foreign body on the wiper or edge frayed, processing method first cleaning the edge part, if you do not eliminate symptoms will need to be replaced.

3. After the rain wiper is wiped, leaving a trail of water,  this is because the deformation of the rubber. If the rubber is not in contact with the glass surface, this suggests that the bracket deformation, wiper need replacing.

4. Check the wiper blade. The wiper pull up, finger touch on the cleaned rubber wiper blade, check whether there is damage, but also check whether the rubber blade has good elasticity, if the leaf aging, hardening crack, it should be replaced with new ones.

Check the battery electrolyte level should pay attention to what areas?
Check the electrolyte level, parked his car in a horizontal road, engine, by observing the battery shell on the scale line. Position, if it is difficult to determine the liquid surface of a battery, and with the aid of a lighting to see, can also use the Launch X431 GDS or Launch X431 V Pro tools to check the electrolyte level.

Car wiper and battery maintenance guide

New battery is provided with an indicator, can through the indicator to check the status of the battery. Indicator on the green dots obviously show that the battery in good condition: a green dot blur, shows that lack of electricity: dots become transparent or yellow, indicate the need to replace the battery.

Its different battery indicator is displayed may be different. through Autel MaxiSys Mini MS905 or Autel MaxiScan JP701 tools real time data display, if the battery indicator is blue when normal, insufficient amount of electrolyte is red, when white needs recharging. There's battery level indicator at the square hole below the liquid level is too low, when the indicator of the level below the square hole for liquid level is too low, as it happens and square hole level as the standard, more than at the bottom of the square hole and filled with liquid mouth when too much for the amount of electrolyte.