ABS is the installation of the modern car regular device, its function is becoming more and more attention. Because of the ABS system is more complicated than conventional braking system, you can use the Auto Diagnostic Tool to check the ABS system routine performance, therefore when choosing, replacement and supplement the brake fluid should pay special attention to:

automobile ABS brake fluid

The brake fluid correct selection:
1, in the ABS system, there is more rubber seals and rubber hoses, this requires the owner in the use of the brake fluid can't have strong swelling effects on rubber seals.

2, in the ABS system, there are more and more sophisticated metal parts and therefore requires the choice of brake fluid has good corrosion resistance, so as to avoid metal parts from corrosion.

3, in the ABS system, there is a longer, more complicated pipeline, therefore, requires the choice of brake fluid has a high boiling point, in order to avoid the brake fluid vaporize that braking system to produce air resistance, you can use Launch X431 CResetter II or Launch X431 Diagun III tool to check the brake system is working properly.

automobile ABS brake fluid

4, in the ABS system, the brake fluid through repeated pressure increase and decrease the circulation, therefore, the work of the brake fluid temperature and pressure is higher than conventional braking system of brake fluid, which requires the brake fluid has better oxidation resistance, in order to avoid brake fluid in formation colloid, sediment and corrosive substances.

5, the ABS system, brake fluid pathway is longer and more tortuous, resulting in brake fluid in flow process by the greater resistance; in addition, in the ABS system, moving parts more, more sophisticated, these moving parts of lubrication requirements higher. Therefore, ABS system, the choice of brake fluid must possess proper viscosity.

According to the above characteristics, ABS systems generally use brake fluid DOT4, Although DOT5 brake fluid has a higher boiling point, but because DOT5 is a silicon brake fluid, will strong damage to the rubber parts. Therefore, In the ABS system, generally do not use the brake fluid DOT5.

However, due to DOT3 and DOT4 brake fluid is alcohol-based, with strong moisture absorption, with the use of extension of time in which the water content will increase. When the brake fluid contains more moisture, will make dynamic pressure regulation means precision parts corrosion occurs, in cold weather conditions, but also the viscosity of the brake fluid increases, affecting the flow of the brake fluid in the brake system, the brake becomes slow, resulting in system moving distance is extended.

In addition, the brake fluid in the water will have a very significant impact on the boiling point of the brake fluid, gas resistance. DOT3 and DOT4 brake fluid usually after 12 months of use after which the moisture content of 2%, after after 18 months of use, where the moisture content of up to 3%, you can use the Autel Maxidiag Elite MD703 or Autel MaxiDiag FR704 tool to check the brake fluid water content, therefore, suggest you every 12 months to replace a brake fluid.