After vehicle driving for a long time, the fuel injector outlet is usually bonded with some carbon deposits, gum grease and other debris, will lead to fuel injection nozzle fuel reduction, affect vehicle acceleration performance, but also a serious engine can not be normal operation. Therefore, in daily vehicle maintenance, require frequent use of Auto Diagnostic tool check the car performance, especially in the automotive fuel injectors need to check.

cleaning automotive fuel injector

Fuel injector cleaning is usually lorry wash and ultrasonic cleaning both methods,  along with the car cleaning to use special EFI car wash liquid, Its advantage is not need to be removed from the car fuel injector, and the operation is convenient; drawback is cannot directly observe the working state of the fuel injector, and the effect is not ideal.

Ultrasonic cleaning is the injector removed from the engine installed on the ultrasonic cleaning tank cleaning, Its advantage is high cleaning quality, still can put fuel injector to injector test bench for fuel injection quantity, leakage and Spray testing situation; the disadvantage is expensive equipment.

We can choose with the carburetor cleaner cleaning injection device. Optional qualified carburetor cleaner, spray evenly on the injector, the effective removal of grease and soot and other plastic material, after the cleaning is done, you can use Launch X431 Creader VI+ or Launch Creader V+ tools check the injector working conditions.

cleaning automotive fuel injector

The specific method is:
a, Remove the injector from the engine;
b, dedicated connector carburetor cleaner tank and injectors;
c, The carburetor cleaning agent is sprayed into the injector, check the amount of leakage in the injector is not energized condition;
d, intermittently energizing the solenoid injector, let carburetor cleaning agent injector spray atomization while observing their situation.

There are many types of cleaning agent now, generally in the bottle are indicated, so owners need to look carefully at the time of purchase to understand the characteristics of the cleaning agent, do not buy low-quality cleaning agents, to avoid unnecessary losses, you can use Autel Maxidiag Elite MD703 or Autel Maxidiag Elite MD702 Tools check the injector, it will prompt the purchase of which a cleansing agent.