The operating condition of the vehicle can be judged by the viewing light on the dashboard, you can use the OBD Diagnostic Tool to detect the car's performance, the following is the meaning of several kinds of led display.

Dashboard view lamp

First, the dashboard oil lamp is lit, there are two possibilities, one for oil is insufficient, the engine can not be completely oil lubrication, and normal circumstances oil will not be a large number of consumption, so it is possible that the engine oil leakage. The second reason is the insufficient pressure oil pump. Should stop at this time, in order to avoid the vehicle without oil lubrication under the condition of going to cause engine damage.

Second, when the water level of light on the dashboard, due to the water in the tank will not reduce, should be cooling system problems, there are two possibilities, one is the system somewhere at the leaking, two is too high temperature of the cooling system pressure will exclude water, if the water tank Water Leakage, can be the first to use water in the auxiliary water tank then, try to drive to a nearby garage, please mechanic processing. The position of the water tank and the vehicle side is not the same, recommended that owners use the Launch X431 GDS or Launch X431 Diagun III tool testing, engine working temperature is extremely high, do not easily open the tank cover, so as to avoid the damage caused by the vapor instantly emerge, and don't make the engine running, causing serious injury.

If the water temperature light but not the above situations, it means that the heat generated by the cooling fan problem, we must immediately stop driving, or a sudden rise in temperature, pressure, coolant change stool will become a high-pressure steam leak also cause the engine cylinder head deformation or to make cylinder head gasket is damaged, it needs one to two days repair time.

When the brake oil lights may be brake system leakage, or is excessive brake pads wear, it is best to stop driving, or because the brakes ineffective and dangerous. Additionally ABS lights up when there is no anti-skid brake system, but there is still brake function, the plant maintenance is inevitable approach. Important corollary is regular maintenance every 5000km to 10000km regular maintenance, or use Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P or Autel MaxiDas DS708 tools to detect car, you can discover car problems before the accident, it will be resolved.