Intercooler and radiator fit together, installed in the front of the engine,draw fans and cars driving through surface air cooled intercooler, if the cooling bad will lead to lack of engine power, fuel consumption increase. Therefore, we should regularly use OBD Diagnostic Tool check intercooler and maintenance, main content is:

Engine intercooler apparatus cleaning and repair methods

1, external cleaning
Due to cooler mounted in the front, intercooler radiator channel is often leaves, sludge such as congestion, make the cold heat up, so there should be conducted on a regular basis to clean.

Cleaning method is not too high pressure water gun to the vertical plane at an angle in the cold, top-down or bottom-up slow rinse, but not oblique thrust to prevent damage to the cooler.

2, interior cleaning, checking
Intercooler internal piping often with sludge, gum and other dirt, not only narrows the air flow path, and reduce cooling heat exchange capacity, therefore, you must also use Launch X431 IV GX4 Master or Launch X431 PAD tool maintenance and cleaning. Usually every year or engine maintenance and repair welding tank at the same time, to deal with the cleaning and inspection of internal cold.

Engine intercooler apparatus cleaning and repair methods

Cleaning method: containing 2% sodium carbonate aqueous solution (temperature should be in 70 - 80 DEG C) added to the intercooler and refill and wait for 15 minutes, fancy cooler has no leakage of water. If leakage, to deal with the dismantling and repair welding ; if there is no water leakage, rocking back and forth, repeated several times, poured lotion, again filled with clean containing 2% sodium carbonate to wash solution, until it is clean now, together with clean water (80 - 90 DEG C) cleaning, until the release of clean water so far.

Such as cold machine external on oil, also can use alkaline cleaning, the method is: put the oil soaked in lye, clean with brush, until clean.

After cleaning with compressed air inside the water cooler or dry natural dry, or when installing the cooler is not connected to the intercooler pipe connected to the engine, start the engine until the intercooler outlet without water When, connect the engine intake manifold. If it is found within the intercooler core is extremely dirty, should be used Xtool PS2 or Autoboss V30 SPX tools carefully check air filter and intake pipeline where various loopholes, and troubleshooting.