Engine oil sump, because it is exposed to air and heat, easy oxidation by gradually. As the acid in oil, gelatin, iron filings, asphaltene increased slowly, grows a black, the color of the oil viscosity will gradually decline, at the same time performance, and the provisions of the new oil oil change period must be replaced. But sometimes use Auto Diagnostic Tool inspection found, shortly after oil change, oil and quickly deteriorate, color change from blue to yellow, or black before they suddenly became grey, lost the original technical performance.

Engine oil deterioration reasons

(1) the oil infiltrated water
The oil has water, will lead to the sludge formation, so that deterioration of oil contamination, this antioxidant additives and dispersion performance weakened, promote the bubble formation, so that the oil into the emulsion, destroy the oil film. Experiments show that, when the water reaches 1%, the wear of machine parts will speed up 2.5 times.

(2) the crankcase ventilation is poor, poor oil radiator
Engine work, there will be some burning gas channeling into the crankcase, if the piston ring serious damage, this phenomenon will be more serious, crankcase pressure will therefore rise, if the pressure is higher than the outside atmospheric pressure, to the piston moves to bring a certain amount of resistance, resulting in oil by the oil bottom shell and the cylinder body junction leakage outwards. In addition, the leak into the crankcase gas containing sulfur dioxide, will promote the rapid deterioration of oil. For this purpose, it is necessary to make the air pressure in the crankcase and the outside air pressure. Some diesel engine on the ad hoc, the purpose is to make the inner and outer pressure of the crankcase is balanced, you can use the Launch X431 GDS or Launch X431 V Pro tool to detect the pressure of the crankcase.

(3) improper maintenance
In cleaning crankcase, if oil filter or the radiator cleaning is not complete or leakage installed gaskets for oil filter, diesel engine after adding new oil, even if only for a few hours, become dark and dirty oil.

(4) Oil grades improper use
According to the grades of standards, the gasoline engine and diesel engine oil viscosity of each into four grades, where with W word oil is oil for winter, the grade is high, higher viscosity index, all marked with SAE15W-40 grades of oil, is in winter and summer can be used oil, foreign called composite oil and the said oil thickening. Therefore, engine oil must be used to Autel MaxiSys MS908 or Autel MaxiSys Mini MS905 tool inspect its quality and viscosity of the two aspects of the requirements, namely oil grade (API) and oil viscosity grades (SAE); in the selection, only to high grade oil instead of low oil level, otherwise easy to early deterioration of machine oil.