When driving the tires have to withstand the pressure from the road surface. Tire wear occurs often does not mean your driving habits problems exist, but this kind of phenomenon but a normal driving inevitable fact, tire wear will gradually aging, and ultimately lose grip. If the vehicle during tire fails, the consequences would be disastrous. When you use Auto Diagnostic Tool to check his car tire whether is deformed or performance degradation of the situation, you can replace them with new tires and avoid failure. Here we will give five warning signal, tip you have the time to change the tire.

Five major signs of tyre failure

1. The tire tread depth
The thickness of the tread must be greater than 1.6 mm, if you often driving on slippery roads on low friction, it is best to ensure the tread thickness is twice the above values. You can purchase a meter to measure the thickness of the tread pattern.

2. tread wear indicator lines
The new tyres have more than one human nature design in the past: tread wear indicator. When the tire is very new or very low degree of wear, these indicator line hardly be found, but to reach a certain degree of wear of the tread these hidden ravine in the line indicated on the show out. Tread wear indicator line is flat rubber with tread longitudinal vertical embedded in the tread ravine. When you use the Launch X431 V+ Pro3 or Launch X431 Diagun III tool to check tire found one to two lines indicating the time, indicating that the tread thickness has been reduced a lot, in this case driving on slippery surfaces should be careful of. If almost all instruction lines are clearly visible on the tire, which means you need to replace the tires as soon as possible.

Five major signs of tyre failure

3. The tire sidewall cracks
The problems on the tyres are not all focused on the tread, and there will be some problems with the tire sidewall. By observing the tire sidewall to find those directly visible to the naked eye crack and cut. These tiny grooves on the tire indicates future cracks leak may occur, and worse even trigger a tyre blowout, the faulty tyres are we strongly want to avoid. So on the tire sidewall crack looks serious, or the cars to a garage as soon as possible replacement tires.

4. Bulge and blistering on tire
In some cases, the outer surface of the tire because of insufficient strength, resulting in higher than normal tire surface projections and foaming. If you failed to timely detection of the vehicle to the repair plant tire failure, intensity of tire surface area is likely to cause sudden burst, high-speed tire blowout even lead to ride under the personnel serious injuries.

5. Excessive vibration and jitter
Vehicle front row during a certain amount of jitter is inevitable, especially in the conditions of poor road conditions. When you already have some driving experience, you can judge for themselves what kind of feelings within reasonable limits of jitter and jitter illustrate how faulty vehicles. Many vehicle shake incentives may exist or the uneven tire axial displacement, it may be a shock absorber problem. But jitter may indicate some problems with the tire inside; even if the tires are not the root cause of the vehicle wobbled also damage the performance of the tire, causing the tire problem shortly afterwards. So if your car there are more serious jitter, jitter appear on the roads especially good roads, once the vehicle to the repair shop use Autel MaxiScan JP701 or XTOOL VAG401 tool check it. Always bear in mind, a greater degree of jitter is often a harbinger of vehicle breakdowns.