Automobile lubricating oil used in maintenance frequency is very high. In addition to high-quality lubricants to protect the engine, reducing the number of oil changes, but also save gasoline. At the same time, should also be careful not to because of lubricating oil caused by improper use of auto fault, you can use the OBD diagnostic tools to detect the car's performance, there are four main "misunderstanding".

lubricating oil

First misunderstanding: Lubricating oil, the more the better
Lubricating oil amount should be controlled between oil ruler, between the lower scale line as well. Because too much oil from the gap between the piston and cylinder in fleeing into the combustion chamber to form coke. These carbon will improve the compression ratio of the engine, increase the tendency to produce knock; coke formation in the cylinder are red state but also easy to cause the premature combustion, such as falling into the cylinder will aggravate the wear of cylinder and piston, will accelerate oil pollution. Secondly, the lubricating oil excessive stirring resistance of crankshaft connecting rod, increase fuel consumption.

Second misconceptions: Lubricants black, oil change at once
This understanding is not comprehensive. For there is no oil plus dispersant quiet, the color black is indeed a serious deterioration of the performance of the oil already, but the use of modern automotive lubricants are generally added quiet decomposers. This quiet film adhesion agent and black carbon deposition on the piston wash down and dispersed in oil, reduce sediment generation engine temperature, so the use of lubricants colors tend to darken after a period of time, but this time Oil is not completely bad, you can use the Launch X-431 PAD or Launch X431 V Pro tools to detect.

Third misconceptions: Lubricating oil is often added, not replace
Always check the lubricant is correct, but only supplement not replace the oil can only compensate for the lack of quantity, but can not fully compensate for the loss of lubricating properties. Lubricating oil during use, due to contamination, oxidation and other reasons quality will gradually decrease, while there will be some consumption, so that reduction in the number.

Fourth misconceptions: Additives
Really high quality lubricating oil is with multiple engine protection function of the finished product, the formula already contains a variety of additives, including anti-wear agents, lubricants and most exquisite balance formula to protect the various properties of the full play. Add the other additives can not give the vehicle to bring additional protection, but is easy to react with the chemicals in the oil, causing the oil decline overall performance, you can use the Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P or Autel MaxiTPMS TS401 tool to detect auto comprehensive performance.