The fuel additive can make up for the quality problem of the fuel itself and the shortage of the automobile machinery manufacturing limit, through the Auto Diagnostic Tool checking data show: fuel additives remove carbon deposits have to save fuel, reduce emissions and enhance the power.

Fuel additive use common sense

More than 2 years of the car must be use fuel additives, if not continuous use can also continuously for more than three times every a month and a half, if the interval is too long suggestions with large doses of some, truly effective removal of carbon deposition, improve fuel environment.

Fuel additives Selection Considerations
1, Understand the ingredients of the additive product, this is the main factor determine product efficacy, inferior additive products for fuel, and even has a harmful effect on the engine. Many of the additives on the market have exaggerated effect, some only have clean function, there is no help for power, truly effective additives, after use of the first tank generally have obvious feeling.

2, The product is safe and reliable, many products after use will cause acid corrosion of the engine, or metal residue, but caused great damage on the car, so choose is sure to choose non corrosive, non residual brand.

3, In the selection of the additive when it is best to use well-known brand additive. Secondly, we can pay attention to product packaging certification mark, query the security code.

Fuel additive use common sense

4, Whether the product has a brand trademark, whether the packaging has a bar code, whether the product has the quality of the authority of the certification, if it is imported products are through the formal channels. Typically use fuel additives, after a month, using the Launch X431 V+ Pro3 or Launch X431 IV GX4 Master tool to check, engine performance can significantly improve a lot.