Fuel filter replacement cycle
Fuel filter replacement is recommended once every 10,000 kilometers, built-tank fuel filter replacement 4W - 8W km. The differences between different models of the maintenance cycle may be slightly, your car when need to replace the  maintenance, please via OBD diagnostic tool understand.

Fuel filter basic maintenance

To conduct a comprehensive maintenance, fuel filter and oil filter, air filter, machine commonly replaced at the same time. Disassembly to replace the fuel filter is more complex, not easily do it yourself, you need go to repair shop and let professionals to operate install.

The necessity of replacing the fuel filter
Fuel filter according to the different filter can be divided into gasoline fuel filter and diesel fuel filter, home cars use a fuel filter, fuel filter are divided into built-in and external tank.

Fuel filter basic maintenance

The vehicle with the use of the growth of the age, with increased mileage and fuel filter long-term work, to reach a certain life cycle, will cause the car to accelerate weakness, increased fuel consumption, noise increase, reduce handling performance, you can also use the Launch X431 GDS or Launch X431 V Pro check the fuel filter performance.

Fuel filter purchase considerations
1, before the purchase of goods, be sure to verify the car's model, displacement and other information to ensure that the correct types of accessories available. You can check the maintenance manual.

Fuel filter basic maintenance

2, high quality fuel filter, poor-quality fuel filter often leads to oil poor, lack of motivation or even turn off the car. No filter impurities, a long time, oil and fuel injection systems may cause corrosion damage.

3, when the feeling of speed significantly reduced, poor acceleration engine, cars with weakness, it may be already clogged fuel filter, and the need for timely use Autel MaxiSys MS908 or Autel MaxiSys Mini MS905 tool checks.