On the basis of the daily maintenance, but also to develop good driving habits, as follows:

Good driving habits to prolong the service life of the battery

1, do not frequent starting vehicles
Do not exceed 5S at the start of the engine, if the first start fails, don't rush to start again. From the working principle of the car, at this time, a continuous starting motor will certainly cause the battery over discharge and damage. So the time interval should be more than 15s. If the 3 time is still a failure, use the Auto Diagnostic Tool to find out the reasons, troubleshooting.

2, under flameout state Do not use electrical equipment inside the car for a long time
This is often encountered in the daily use of cars, but also easy to overlook the problem. For example, sit in the car to rest, et al, to fuel many drivers turn off the engine and sat in the car listening to the radio or watch DVDs, so do the purpose of fuel is reached, but deeply hurt your battery. Correct method of use is stalled in a state of continuous listening to the radio to no more than 30 min, at the same time do not recommend use equipment such as car DVD in stall condition.

3, under flameout state try not to use external power supplies
External power equipment such as dust suction machine, a portable air pump, avoid by all means not to use in vehicle flameout state. As the power of these devices is bigger, use in a stall condition for a long time can easily consume battery power, and thus affect the normal starting of the vehicle. Can be used to Launch X431 V Pro or Launch X431 IV GX4 tool test battery working condition.

Good driving habits to prolong the service life of the battery

4, parking must turn off the lights and the car with electrical appliances
When parking stall, forget to turn off the lights, which is a lot of new car owners easy to make mistakes. After a night of consumption of the battery, at any time may not have electricity, can not start the car. Try not to use CD, cigarette lighter and other electrical equipment in the vehicle did not start. In the course of driving, the vehicle is also less used variety of automotive electrical appliances.

5, first close the air before flameout
Most of the owners are not accustomed to air-conditioning or allow air conditioning with the vehicle starting automatically after the start, which will cause the vehicle ignition switch every time, the air conditioning system will automatically start work, the consequences are directly lead to the vehicle instantaneous power load is too high, a long time will cause a certain loss of battery. Correct habits should be, every time to reach the destination, the first switch off the A/C keys, let the wind blow for a few minutes, to ensure that the air conditioning system internal drying, reducing the breeding of bacteria. Then turn off the air conditioner before the stall. Every time after restarting a car, air conditioning.

In short, general automotive battery life in 2 years or so, if the use of Autel MaxiDas DS708 or Xtool PS2 tools to maintain proper maintenance, up to 3-4 years. We understand its function, on the basis of proper maintenance, and can develop good driving habits.