A wider range of haze invasion world, more and more people are used to go out wearing masks, but also car also need to "mask" - air conditioner filter to reduce vehicle particulate matter concentrations. Usually owners are in the maintenance replacement air filter, but with the increase in fog and haze and dust, recommended replacement air filter regularly, best replacement filter twice a year. If you don't know when to replace, you can use the OBD diagnostic tool detection.

air filter

Test results show that if there is no air conditioning filter, the concentration of the driver inhaled pollutants is much higher than the pedestrian path, like a vacuum cleaner, as the car's ventilation system inhalation of contaminated air contains particles and harmful gases, and every hours up to 420,000 liters of air through the filter, air conditioning, heating systems and bellows into the interior of the vehicle. Filter R & D personnel, over time, the filter core - will gradually clog the filter media, bellows capacity will be reduced by 50% to 70%. In order to ensure full and effective air filtration and good ventilation, air filters should be timely, regular replacement, you can use the Launch X431 PAD or Launch X431 Diagun III tool testing. Therefore, for long-distance drivers or often drive, the regular replacement of the filter is necessary.