There are a lot of friends in the Honda Accord sedan, the engine is F23A1 type, equipped with variable valve timing system (VTEC), after traveling 31,000 kilometers, ABS lamp lights up abnormal, need to use OBD Diagnostic Tool.

Honda Accord ABS Light abnormal breakdown maintenance

Honda Accord sedan ABS system consists of a solenoid valve safety relays, pump relay, wheel speed sensors, hydraulic pressure regulator (pump solenoid valve and a sliding piston assembly), accumulator, pressure switches, ABS lights and ABS computer components.

The car is equipped with self-diagnostic system, remove the right side of the glove box, to find self-diagnosis seat blue 2-hole outlet, using the Launch X431 GDS or Launch X431 V+ Pro3 tool to check. The ignition switch is pulled to the ON position, ABS lights flashing fault code is 10, indicating that non-stop operation of the electric pump the brake fluid. But boot up ABS lights, the pump does not turn. According to the principle and circuit diagram analysis ABS system, the cause of this fault code may be caused by insufficient pressure or pressure switch can not be closed.

Checked for leaks, ABS tank is not short of oil. So to find the pressure switch wire (yellow) to the computer at the office and the hydraulic actuator Ground Test. Ignition lock ON state, ABS lights, start the engine, ABS lamp. ABS pump operation, after the 10s ABS lights, pump stopped. Then the yellow line Ground, ABS lamp goes out, after re-grounding 5s, ABS pump stops, so repeat 1min, ABS lights were never bright. Measured with a multimeter pressure switch grounding line is normal, open the hydraulic actuator on the pressure switch cover, using a flat-blade screwdriver move microswitch direct pressure, measured with a multimeter two terminals blocked, replace micro switch on the same type of ABS, loading retest car, ABS light is off, everything is normal.

Because of the pressure switch on the micro switch is damaged, start the engine, ABS pump operation, produce high pressure brake fluid to the accumulator, solenoid valve, pressure switch, even boost, but at this time the pressure switch can not be closed, Autel MaxiDas DS708 or Autel MaxiDiag Pro MD801 tool detected ABS pump work for a certain period of time, the hydraulic pressure is still not up to the pressure, can not use the ABS system and shut down the ABS pump, ABS lights lit. Replace the same model ABS micro switch, ABS lights go out, everything is normal.