The importance of the brake fluid for driver is indisputable, so, what are the  features of best brake fluid, in the choose and buy should pay attention to what issues?

Best Brake Fluid

1, Low temperature fluidity is very good, which is particularly evident for cold areas. Using high quality brake fluid in cold as sensitive and reliable braking. The use of inferior brake fluid temperature performance is poor, high freezing point, below -20 ℃ temperatures will have solidified phenomenon, significantly affect the safety of driving.

2. Long-term use of non precipitate, Brake fluid in high temperature condition of long-term use, quality instability will produce thermal decomposition, produce a precipitate, also affect braking performance, Launch X431 Cresetter or Launch Creader V+ tools can help you to check the performance of automotive brake.

Best Brake Fluid

3, The brake system of various metal good antirust property. General brake fluid corrosion resistance is stronger, but high quality brake fluid for all kinds of metal corrosion greatly reduce anti-rust, can prolong the life of the brake pump, if add the inferior brake fluid will soon a corrosive action on metals, cause a harm to driving.

4, For a variety of rubber is not corrosion. High quality brake fluid after use cup serious expansion deformation phenomenon will not occur. The use of inferior brake fluid, cups easily expanded and deformed, causing the vehicle oil spills, when the brakes flip, causing the accident. Standard brake fluid in the expansion coefficient is generally 0.1% to 5% .

5, The boiling point the higher the better, lower evaporation. Boiling point of not less than 205 DEG C, when automobile run for a long period of time and in high speed or downhill, and the temperature will be up to the number of brake fluid, brake fluid temperature of the brake shoe temperature increased, if the boiling point of the brake fluid is not high enough, the brake fluid vaporizing, bubble, stepped on the brake is weak that could not be immediately reached to brake, it can not guarantee that traffic safety, in order to ensure your safety, in order to protect your driving safety, please use the timing Autel MaxiScan JP701 or Autel MaxiDiag FR704 tool to check car system performance.