Speaking of automotive brake systems, we naturally think of the importance of the brake pads, it has been a normal reaction to contact with safety, another key element for automobile brake system -- brake oil , people don't really care, but don't know it is a key link in automobile braking systems, the relationship between the owners of personal safety. According to Transportation Department data shows that If all people use the brake oil, every year to reduce the 10% traffic accident, how to buy high-quality brake oil, need to use Auto Diagnostic Tool.

How to buy high-quality car brake oil

Currently on the market the brake oil is divided into three types: type of alcohol, mineral oil and synthetic type. Alcohol and mineral oil has been eliminated, market of brake oil for the synthesis of type, common brake oil have DOT3, DOT4, DOT5, most of the cars used are DOT4 brake oil.

How to buy brake oil?
1, different types and different brands of brake oil do not mix, due to the different synthetic ingredients, mixing brake fluid can cause brake oil index declined, If you use the Launch Creader VII or Launch X431 Creader VIII tool, it's easy to see the change.

How to buy high-quality car brake oil

2, the normal running of the vehicle, If the brake suddenly light or suddenly heavy, to the timely replacement of brake oil, before replacement, first with alcohol will brake system clean.

3, when the brake oil sucked moisture or impurities, should be replaced or the filter, otherwise it will cause the brake pressure insufficiency, the effect of the brake. There are some places the weather is wet, this is particularly important.

4. Vehicle braking wandering, to the braking system to conduct a comprehensive inspection. If discover wheel cylinder cup expansion is too large, brake oil quality there could be a problem. At this time should choose quality good brake fluid replacement, replace the leather bow at the same time.

Clean, high-quality brake oil is the basic of good work condition of safety and brake system. Vehicle on 40,000 km or brake oil continuously used for more than two years, then the brake oil needs to be replaced. When choosing the brake oil to note that if the use of inferior brake oil, brake pump will rot burning Pusey, use Autel MaxiTPMS TS501 or Autel MaxiTPMS TS601 tool to check the brake pump to see whether the work is stable, will also have an impact on the brake effect, so if the brake oil lack, it is best to specialized shops to buy the original car brake oil, the original brake oil use effect is very good, can also prolong the service life of the system of brake.