Although fuel additive is not accepted by everyone, however, we already know a lot of additives, many owners already choose to use. Fuel additives although only as a supplement to fuel oil, but its performance can not ignore, you can use the OBD Diagnostic Tool to check can be found, the use of fuel additives and does not use fuel additives, there is a very big difference, how to choose the high quality of the fuel additive, or To everyone carefully distinguished.

high quality of the fuel additive

In choose the fuel additive when there are four suggestions: First, to see whether the product has quality certification; Second is to see whether the company passed the quality management system certification; again to look formal channels; and finally to listen to the experts views.

Choose high-quality fuel additives, not only can play the efficacy of reducing fuel consumption, as well as maintenance of the engine, remove carbon, environmental protection and other effects. Petroleum Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, said fuel additives surface is for the owners to save money, is actually a contribution to environmental protection.

Poor quality of fuel additives is counterproductive, not only will not reduce fuel consumption, but also damage to the engine, reducing engine life. "World Fuel specifications" clearly against all additive metal element, but present many additives contain metallic powder, causing damage to car parts, you can use the Launch X431 CResetter II or Launch X431 Cresetter tool is very easy to check auto parts issue.

high quality of the fuel additive

China is currently no national standards or industry standards of fuel additives, are their standard execution of various enterprises, only a few companies with reference to American standards of corporate standards, production of product quality can only be guaranteed. Usually see in the market are more, mostly from foreign brands, if you still have doubts, you can get two kinds of fuel additives for comparison, then use Autel MaxiScan MS509 or XTOOL VAG401 tool check the car's performance to see if there will be differences.