In the sandstorm weather, the vehicle will inevitably be covered with dust. The surface of the vehicle can be washed clean, but the car is the internal sand how to deal with it? Don't ignore the carburetor and fuel injection nozzle cleaning, the need for regular use Auto Diagnostic Tool to check car performance.

How to clean up automobile carburetors and fuel injectors

Generally the best put the car sent to the professional repair factory use Launch X431 PAD or Launch X431 IV GX4 Master tool inspection. first carburetor disintegration, the carburetor needle triangle and idle needle soaked in alcohol, mainly in order to remove carbon deposits; then carburetor cleaning agent with a special individual components, wipe clean assembled, with a wind blowing high-pressure air pump, the purpose is to detect patency carburetor, and finally installed carburetor, ignition adjustment.

To repair service station, required at the car after a sandstorm performance effect how, so service personnel according to the problem you provided, if the carburetor fuel mixture ratio is too thick, plug the oil coke, rear take the blue smoke, These faults are described piston ring wear ineffective.

For the clarity of the carburetor and fuel injection nozzle, mainly is to clean the idle valve and a filter screen, the cleaning should choose regular maintenance center, general street repair shop do not have these professional XTOOL PS90 GDS or Xtool PS2 equipment, just cleaning, simply not achieve any effect.